What are the VR titles you spend most of your time with?



also can you remove the 20 character minimum on the posts…


Batman Arkham VR
Discovering Space 2
Dragon flight
Fallout 4 VR
Ghost Town Mine Ride
Skyrim VR
Star Trek Bridge Crew
Star Wars Droid Repair Bay
The Body VR: Journey Inside a Cell
Trials on Tatooine
VR Regatta - the Sailing Game


Same here.
Only IL-2 BoS/BoM/BoK and BoDP


Thank you. I know that.
If Pimax lied, were beta testers accomplices?
If not, beta testers should declare disagree to Pimax’s statement.
It is not test detail, thus it does not break NDA.


Our understanding of what the update meant was flawed as it was not clear. Just that they had all of the materials ready & available to mass produce.


Does this mean that we will have a config file for each game to run for the best experience if not then why ask ?


I play a lot of the games above but ones that are not listed yet;
Exorcist legion series
The lab
Paranormal activity
Lone echo
Vr kanojo
Irrational exuberance
Budget cuts
Megaton rainfall (released soon)
Hover junkers
Richie’s plank experience



Different games often use different engines. Though a vast number commonly use Unreal & Unity. Like video card drivers; sometimes game specific tweaks are needed to fix and/or improve performance.

That & the testers have tested a lot if titles & can be good to see if they have missed some that maybe popular among backers.


Thank you.
Why it takes so long time to make the new test unit?
They said they can product 50 units per month.
Several units could be assembled in a day, if there is no big hardware issue.


The Golf Club VR
IL2 Flying Circus
Fallout 4
Dirt Rally
In Death


I understood.
NDA is the root of the problem in all.


Making a new test unit probably means getting updated part(s) from a supplier. Things like improving the headset joints (so they are more resistant to cracking, as reported in the leak) requires redesigning/reworking the mold and making new housings). That takes time. So does shipping any new part(s).


Adjusting or retooling molds can take a bit of time.

Some fixes in hardware assembly can be quick. But with taking feedback it can take time to implement.

Pimax like Apple has designed the hardware & is having a manufacturing firm produce it for them.

Were drawing near the end if the month. The new test units should be ready soon. Just have to patiently wait.

Unfortunate as it is. Its really all we can do & of course enjoy the good weather while its here.


All Bethesda Games(Skyrim and Fallout)
I really want this to be compatible with the new Marvel game that gets released tomorrow! Please make that happen! It looks like it will be a big hit and if we can use revive to play it without issue then I know we can take some nice market share from Oculus here.


Always play

Bigscreen Beta


I play Pavlov competitively in the league, I know there are several other backers relying on the 8k working with it. Its the only game that I need to work flawlessly with the headset. I can deal with bugs for other titles. It would likely be wise to make sure it works with onward and whichever other games that have semi-pro levels of play.

  • iRacing in combination with virtual desktop
  • Assetto Corsa in combination with virtual desktop
  • Project Cars 2
  • RaceRoom Racing Experience


but the founder said that pimax were happy with hardware
"Now we are happy with the hardware and progressively speeding up the software fine tuning process to improve visual quality. "
This was something that beta testers did not agree because lens still had many problems… or pimax lied to all backers, or they really thought that everything was good enough. Anyway im just repeating what many have already said.



Please, now that Pimax has established quite a safe amount of funding and got long term investments, be sure to invest in the software/drivers side of the new coming headsets HEAVILY and avoid the bugs/poor and incomplete optimization that were so predominant in the 4K/Piplay combo, and almost totally ruined the experience in many Pimax previous users (including myself); I’m sure that the 5K/8K line is going to be terrific at launch, but we all know that without a polished, well written, debugged and feature rich software and drivers, any product, even the most advanced and innovative is easily ruined and destined to not having success.

So please be sure to have the right number of SW engineers dedicated to it, and an efficient support team/department too (this one really lacked in Pimax until now), this will assure your product success and many many happy customers too.



Lens can be final as the hard part is getting the distortion profile right. Thiw distortion profile is software.