What are the VR titles you spend most of your time with?


Thank you.
I understood there is difference between Pimax statement and the fact.
I hope to hear the schedule of current plan.
When will the beta test end?
When will the first batch be shipped?


VORPX support
Skyrim VR
Doom VFR
Elite Dangerous


Project Cars2


This is looking good, can’t wait to try this in 8k.
Hellblade VR


Especially IPD adjustment , the lens will move but the screens are fixed at an angle , as the ipd increases the distance between the lens and the screens must decrease ,maybe requiring more than just moving the image further apart , I imagine that will be very difficult to sort out


Indeed. Where as current headsets don’t have this problem as lenses & screens are parallel. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


No this is a very interesting and necessary thread. It does not only tell Pimax what games are gonna be played the most on the 8K, but also what games they should use as a reference to improve the performance further.

Note that this is definitely not a “let us know what games we should try to make work on the 8K” thread, and if you do worry it may be about poor compatibility, then stop doing so! :wink:

The Pimax team is working VERY hard to improve the performance in games, and I can tell you they have made HUGE accomplishments since beta phase started.

The beta testing phase is not delayed because one or two specific games needs to work. Its because the testers and the Pimax technicians wants you to be able to play the games as smooth as possible - with as good image quality as possible. And you will be thankful for that later on.


No, config files are not needed, but we will definitely share a spreadsheet of many hundreds of VR games tested on several GPU:s, and the results of performance and playability will be presented. If tweaks are needed, they will be added in the spreadsheet.


I missed liked that one. No the NDA is not the problem at all. Closed testing means just that.

Open Beta has more community interactions.


Onward, Onward, Onward.


Robo Recall
Lone Echo/Echo VR
Killing Floor Incursion
Rec Room
Beat Saber
From Other Suns


Yeah it’s about to get a full blown overhaul update complete with a brand new deep visual scripting update. Modbox is great for many reasons. Once you get sucked into something cool your making, time flies.


I heard pulsar has unfixed long standing bugs with progressive performance drops and also that the gun fps fighting is pretty bland. This was about a year ago so I was wondering if it’s gotten any better? I was really hoping they’d do procedural Galaxy :confused:


I agree this game needs to work correctly for proper fov. Another reason why I wish hmd was 90fps because 1/8th of a second reaction matters. Either way seeing guys creeping up your sides will be amazing pure and simple. What’s your steam name? Wondering if I’ve come across you (and beat you mr. Competitive lmao :joy: )


I’d honestly love to have config files as a contingency plan if I don’t particularly like the way a game is set up. Case and point: Skyrim and fallout. Some people think reprojection was “running perfect” while it took me literally 50hrs to get it working right with 100 mods and no reprojection.


I fully agree that some games like specifically Fallout 4 VR needs optimized config files to run as expected, but thats just too much of work right now. To be honest, I still havent found a perfect balance in FO4 VR for a 100% smooth gameplay, as that game is definitely lacking VR optimizations when a GTX 1080Ti cant play it without reprojection.

Im mostly trying games on high/ultra settings on the 1080Ti. Some games I add in-game SS if needed. I never go below SS 1.0 in-games. Some games I may go down to High from Ultra just to gain those last fps needed. Its so different for every game.

It would require an army of testers doing all those game tests and report every single config in a spreadsheet.

Unfortunately, Im currently the one doing 90% of that job alone… :wink:


And no-one else has done it before so it’t trail blazing stuff
I can’t get my head round the .json files used by vive’s lol
When i make changes I just go from mild eye strain to more peculiar eye strain


Can you try Hellblade VR, I believe it releases on steam July 31st


Hope you get reimbursed for all the games you need to buy Sweviver


Ypur forgetting Acer/starbreeze’s StarVR bur hey can’t buy one. Lol