What are the VR titles you spend most of your time with?


Me too, it would be rude to force him against his will to purchase games and test them :wink:


I will for sure :slight_smile: Thanks!


Haha Im used to this already :wink: This hobby aint cheap…


I play mostly simulations: IL-2 Great Battles (aka IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad/Moscow/Kuban) and DCS. Also a bit of Project Cars 2 and 11 Table Tennis. I used to play Elite Dangerous, and intend to start again once I get my 8k


I play mostly Elite Dangerous. But, other games I play in VR include:

Dirt Rally
In Death
Budget Cuts
Solus Project
Big Screen
Island 359
Robo Recall
Arizona Sunshine

I currently have an Oculus, so a lot of my library is there and playing well with ReVive is key


my regulars:
Payday 2 (very demanding on VR, mild on 2d)
Arizona Sunshine
Star Trek Bridge Crew
11 Table Tennis
Beat Saber
Knockout League
Front Defense
Virtual Desktop


Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice


-Elite Dangerous
-Arma3 (vorpx) with helicopters, planes and infantry.


Iracing, sometimes Iracing


and it seems I need to start flying IL2

Assetto Corsa
Dirt Rally


assetto corsa
Project car 2
Elite dangerous


Games I haven’t seen mentioned much/at all:
Rec Room

Games that I’m waiting to play/will play more of using the 8K:
All of the Serious Sam VR games + The Talos Principle
The Solus Project
Raw Data
Both of The Gallery Games
Battle Zone
Lunar Flight
The Golf Club VR
Elite Dangerous
Sairento VR
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
The Wizards
Karnage Kronicles
Doom VFR
Fallout 4 VR

Others that I play frequently:
Beat Saber
Project Cars 2
DiRT Rally
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
iRacing- Re-activating my account soon
The Lab
Stand Out

Sorry, I answered the question with more than what you wanted, but figured this is the last push to test things, so there’s almost everything I’d play.


Pretty much stopped playing anything, I’m waiting for the Pimax.
Each time I think about playing something i think “Nah, wait for the Pimax”
Pimax has inadvertently, but very successfully, turned me into a non-gamer :angry:


Beat Saber,
The Forest VR,
Star Shelter,
Space Pirate Trainer,
To The Top,
Hot Dogs, Horshoes, and Hand Grenades,


Assetto Corsa
Elite Dangerous

I only have Pimax 4k. In the future I will play other games…When I have my complete pack 8k


Fallout 4
Serious Sam (all of them)
Beat saber
The forest
Alien Isolation
The dolphin Wii emulator VR fork


Sweviver do you still find time for the vive or odyssey headsets these days

sorry not sure whether you should reply to this question so not expecting any response


Not really :slight_smile: Only for comparison a few times…


The Dolphin wii vr emulator fork how well does it support Gamecube games? Though RE4 & zelda could be quite fun. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


I haven’t tried GameCube. Just Mario kart, guitar hero, dead space and a few others. I know that they plan to include vr in the main branch in the near future