What are the VR titles you spend most of your time with?


IL2 serie
and some characters:)


Fallout 4
Assetto Corsa


Echo arena. I play this every day


Beat Saber is mostly what I play.


And we really appreciate it! I have a feeling when I’m sitting in a Ferrari In assetto corsa I’ll be thanking you again


rFactor2 plus 20 characters


I hear Hellblade: Senua’s sacrifice is coming out for VR also. I’ve played it a bit on regular mode but never really felt like it was that great. I think in VR that will be a very different experience.


War Thunder Simulator.


Assetto Corsa


Project Cars 2
DCS World
Beat Saber
Elite Dangerous 1,745hr 24minutes, EEEk :blush:


Elite Dangerous - I don’t look at my hours in game :slight_smile:


Elite Dangerous!!!

Assetto Corsa
Project Cars2
Dirt Rally (Via Revive)
Euro Truck Simulator2
My other must-haves:
The Forest


Raceroom Racing Experience
Assetto corsa
Dirt rally


It’s hits vive and oculus on July 31st…as a free download if you already own the game in steam


Sweviver could you please try hellblade sensua’s sacrifice. It’s released on july 31st on steam for free if you already own a copy of the 2d version. Being a very graphical intensive game it wold be interesting to see how it plays on your rig…cheers and keep up the good work lord swe


I requested the same thing from him, he said he will try it. Looking forward to his impressions! The atmosphere will be amazing in in a large fov



Also looking forward to that :slight_smile:


Skyrim, Fallout 4 and Elite Dangerous


Richie’s plank experience
Rec Room
Big Screen
Star Trek Bridge Crew
Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
Ironwolf VR


to me it looks like PimaxVR has some restricted resources in developers optimizing the Piplay software or even to get dedicated support from certain game devs for the new P8k.
I’m happy to see my choice of games matches the mainstream of Pimax customers. My hope is now that Frontier Development already have the new M1 to customize ED, same for Slightly Mad Studios and Eagle Dynamics.

Could you @xunshu share some information with us which developer studios got an 8k already?