What are the VR titles you spend most of your time with?


Project Cars 2

Xplane 11

No Limits Rollercoaster 2

Assetto Corsa

Dirt Rally

il 2 sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad


Aerofly 2 Flight Simulator


Elite Dangerous (1000+ hours)


While I enjoy gaming, my primary focus is “Home Office” software. I have found that the small FOV of current headsets make it difficult to actually use VR in an “office” type environment. While the Vive Pro was an improvement in resolution, it was not enough to mitigate the effects of the poor FOV. I’m eager to find out what impacts the improved FOV and resolution have on productivity.

I’m interested in how this performs with programs like VR Toolbox or VRHome (discontinued), Verto Studio, Immerse Creator, vSpatial, Virtual Desktop and Bigscreen beta.

(although I’m a backer, I’m a new poster here so I’m only allowed 2 links. I had to remove the links to the other programs. Sorry.)


Project Cars 2
Elite Dangerous
Skyrim VR
Fallout VR
Doom VFR
Iron Wolf
Rec Room
The Forest


Fallout4VR, Elite:Dangerous, Arizona Sunshine, DCS World, The Solus Project, The Lab


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I’m agree, but We already have had atleast 2 very similar threads last time.
It’s is frustrating that we have to reapet each time what games we like.
I’m not suppriced that ppl take this question as a ‘distraction’


Current/past VR titles

  • Assetto Corsa
  • Skyrim VR
  • Elite Dangerous
  • The Gallery Series
  • Project CARS 2

Upcoming VR titles

  • Hellblade
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione - Actually, the early access release date was just announced today (it’s Sept 12th), and as seen on Kunos’ Release Calendar: https://i.imgur.com/UY0M2X6.jpg they plan for VR support in Build 2, to be released on Oct 10th. Would be awesome to play that with the 8K ;D


No Mans Sky VR

… I wish.


Google Earth VR
Beat Saber


Currently, DCS and Elite Dangerous. Planning on X-Plane and to finally get into racing sims.


Got a 1080 ti too and loads of free time lol …
they can send me one if needed


I have contacted the devs and awaiting a key :slight_smile: Otherwise I will buy it on release…


This is really great news!! :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads up!


Vorpx mostly, also Fallout 4, Skyrim VR.


Titanic Honor and Glory demo 3. Not a full game just yet but the absolute best looking game in vr to date. A perfect companion to show off the high resolution of the 8k.


downloading it now cheers


Nice one sweviver…can’t wait for your review :grin::grin:


Elite Dangerous is certainly my “second home”.

I’d chip in in a fraction of a second, if a “bounty” type thing could make the engine team for the game implement some form of lens matched shading and/or other VR optimisations – heck; I’d take the ferry over, just to deliver them pizzas. :stuck_out_tongue:


Currently it’s the following.

Beat Saber
Euro Truck Simulator 2
The Lab (mostly Longbow)
Elite Dangerous