What are the VR titles you spend most of your time with?


Oculus games

  • Robot recall
  • Arizona Sunshine
  • Lone Echo
  • Arktika
  • Beat Saber
  • Budget Cut
  • Wilson Heart


Awesome! Thank you! :grinning:


I do believe I am the only one who listed vr kanojo as a played game…come on guys lol…I feel violated


Racket Fury Table Tennis
Nature Treks VR
The Solus Project
Catch & Release
The Gallery Episode 1 & Episode 2


I just test samsung odyssey and
“Archangel” make me feel wow.
“Eve Valkylrie : Warzone”
“Job simulator”
“Cosmic trip”
“Robinson the jouney”
“Star rage vr”
“Duck season”
“Blaster of the universe”
“Home Sweet Home”
“Paranomal activity the lost soul”
“Serious sam”

“Bullet train”


Skyrim VR is probably one of if not the most important along with elite dangerous


Doom 3 VR
Star Citizen (via VorpX)
Alien Isolation


Elite Dangerous is my favorite VR compatible game. I would love to see official developer support (Pimax logo in the advertisements for the game). This game can sell a lot of Pimax 8K headsets if there are no issues with compatibility I’m sure.



Probably Overload and ED later.


Just spotted this also ,seated with gamepad maybe like theuses but yer this could be a beut


Out of all mentioned VR games in this thread, I would say more than 90% has been tested already (the other 5-10% are a few vorpx titles, few weird choices and some odd games mentioned here I have never tried yet hehe)


Out of topic and sorry to the mod for this, but I am curious.
Have you tried at all the tpcast device with the 8k? I understand that on paper should not work, but I was curious if you tried it. .


There is no way TPCAST can work with Pimax 8K because:

  • Pimax 8K renderers a much higher resolution & signal than TCAST can handle
  • TPCAST only uses HDMI
  • TPCAST uses specific voltage conversion from the battery unit to power the headset + wireless receiver (different volts are used for Vive and Rift versions, and Im 100% sure Pimax uses different power, as its powered externally as the Vive

We will most likely have to wait for a dedicated 8K wireless adapter (either from TPCAST or any other company) before we get the 8K wireless


Ok. Thanks!
Well, we have got $100 off the wireless module for the pimax as one of the stretch goals . So I guess we have to wish that the collaborators of pimax come up with the module asap :slight_smile:

There is also a new tpcast in the work. Maybe that new version of tpcast would be compatible with the 8k…we have to wait and see, I guess.


Exactly :slight_smile:

I talked to the TPCAST general manager a while back and asked if their 2.0 version will support “any” headset just like 8K and he said they will most likely make specific model versions for brands that wants to colab, and there will be no “universal” unit as it would require lots of different customization such as voltage, different HDMI/DP inputs etc.


Oh. I see! So let’s hope they start working on something as soon as we get the units :slight_smile:

I wish though they would already be in talk for coming up with a solution asap


Im sure Pimax have something in the works with some conpany on the wireless part already, no doubts. But how long until that unit is released, thats a good question. Remember those units with batteries also needs CE certifications and things like that. I remember TPCAST being delayed first time because of this.


I use the following games all the time in VR;
and iracing

I think that covers it!!


Please note that it is not just games that will be used. The headset will also be used to view high-resolution 360 photos and video content. Please test it with the common viewing software on the market that runs native on Windows and also via Steam VR. For example:

  • GoPro VR Player
  • Simple VR Video Player (Steam VR)
  • Virtual Desktop (Steam VR)
  • etc.


contagion vr

They have a demo.
These 2 game have issues on samsung while no issue on acer (but same distortion, may be about unreal engine version).

battlezone have issue about shooting target which be blurred.