What are the VR titles you spend most of your time with?


Know it’s not out yet but if not wrong Beta in September.
Would be interesting if a Tester could get his hands on it and give it a go :slight_smile: ( @SweViver )


Sure man, will definitely test it! :slight_smile:


Assetto Corsa Competizione has a release date now. September some time, BUT vr release held off to October 10 I believe.
I pray to all gods the testing is over then, but probably not.


Elite Dangerous is mainly my only game.


Ah, so you’ve tested several vorpx titles already then? That’s great! I’m very curious to hear about the results of that testing. I’d imagine the 8K’s FoV would be pretty torublesome for that.


DCS about 10,000 hours including virtual airshows playing, Xplane all versions about 20,000 hours since the 1st version, elite, dangerous, naval action, and the balance of my time is spent modeling 3D assets. I currently use a VIVE, I have a I-9 7920X at 4.7 GHz 128 GB with the Titan “V” video card.


Wow! Forget the ssdd just install to a ram drive. :heart_eyes: that i9 must fly!


Actually I have 2 SSD’s, and I do run an 80 GB RAM drive but after some exhaustive testing we found out that the SSD’s run almost equal the speed of the RAM drive, so there’s no advantage to it.


Tell me more about star citizen in vorpX. Geometry 3d?


Have you tested modbox yet? It’s literally my favorite game I have 400hrs in it.


Oh yeah this one looked cool


Definitely waiting for this title.
Onward is really good but not enough maps.


Actually not yet, but its on my list! :slight_smile:


DCS world
Microsoft Flight Sim X via Flyinside


Several of the most used 360 and 180 movie (hehe yeah…) apps & desktop viewers have been tested and I hope to cover most of them.



That’s good news. Which ones have you tested?


A little late, but:

None VR

X-Plane 11

VR titles Owned but can’t play yet (no head set)

Arizona Sunshine
Dirt Rally
The Gallery
I Expect you to die
Knee Deep

And hopefully many other VR experiences (doesn’t have to be a long commitment game).


Neos VR
In Death


eve valkery
project cars 2
xplane 11
contagion vr
Arizona Sunshine
echo arena
lone echo
elite dangerous


But if hellblade vr will run on the pimax 8K it will blow you away i think…