What are you guys using for a microphone on Pimax 4K?


I just now got a game where Im able to play online with other players but i have no way to communicate with other players because the Pimax 4K has no microphone? At least I cant find it and other posters say there is no mic. So what are you guys doing for a mic. Maybe run a mic into my mic input on my PC? I dont need anything fancy just something easy to install. Thanks!!


i know what you mean… when i bought the 4k, it was advertised with a mic, and as i use teamspeak and voice attack in my primary game, this was a big issue for me.

so i still use my trusty logitech headphones and put the pimax straps over the top of that… kind of keeps the headset in place as well. you need to loosen the left an right straps as much as possible so they fit over the ear phones, but it does work fine.


I bought a cheap bluetooth headset so I could go wireless. I run my extended cables overhead so didn’t want to add another one. My mic was too cheap unfortunately so quality sucks.