What are your expectations of the business version Pimax 8K?


As other said, IPD adjustment should have number on display or anything if can’t be auto adjustment.
So we can specific next IPD in next time after we swap HMD to other.

When you use HMD with the arcade, many people have different IPD. I ever try StarVR and wrong IPD can make bad experience although those HMD cost more than 1,000 dollars.

Other thing is nose curtain or anything, all HMD design big room for every people, but it not good for people who have small nose and can see the light.


Consider that even if they shipped today, for many customers its going to take weeks to get their device.

I know you want the headset ASAP, but if the quality is good, your patience will pay off.


Even better if its today. At least by next week ill have it. Waiting for businsses to get it, wait for modifications for them and others stuff…august-september, i mean come on…


As a VR developer with dozen of headsets and controllers around my workplace, I suggest you to expand the business version with:

  • a sort of markers for “visual pairing” of desktopPC, headset and controllers
  • color markers for left/right controllers
  • headset and controller table/wall mount on the clamp or bolts
  • not just 1-2 or 10m cable option, but cable extenders, like 1m (standard cable for the desktop) + 2 or 10m (female-female extender as the main cable) +1 m (standard cable for the headset)
  • not just protecting covers, but silicone bumpers especially for controllers
  • magnetic USB heads/cables for controllers recharging (Baseus and Wsken have the best solutions in this technology)


Learn to read. Backers are still the main priority. But Businesses like Disney as a partner is a backer & thus release is equally important.

Disney was there before the first pledge. You need to respect this instead of going off like you do. :v::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Disney setting up experiences will boost sales when ppl try it there & discover they can own one of these headsets.


you should care about disney. you should care about businesses choosing pimax. I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but you have a very instant gratification approach to this.

Pimax is a small fish. They are going to need every bit of purchase in the market they can get against already established competitors, and they have existing contracted obligations to supply headsets to certain VR parks in CHINA , that yes , do come before backers.

I understand that you want it now. But you need to understand that there are more important factors here than instant gratification. You should want pimax to succeed as much as possible as a company, for reasons of your own self interest.

Tell me, how well do you think the 8k will work if the company folds. How well will it work without driver updates. What will you do if headset breaks in 12 months if there is no company to give you technical support.

These are all possibilities with a tiny company.

Satisfying big corporate partners, and getting PIMAX headsets into VR attractions is a big big deal in terms of pimax becoming a big brand, and becoming harder to kill. When people try a disney experience in a park and are blown the fuck away, they will ask, how do i get me one of these. What is this thing called. You want that. You want literally thousands of people a day being introduced to pimax by big big companies they trust, and who clearly trust pimax, because thats how pimax becomes a strong, large company that is going to take your support call in 24 months time.


@allocen this topic is about the business edition. Stay on topic as this is not about your anxieties. Or I will have no choice but to moderate.


My expectations of the business version Pimax 8K is, to talk about the Timeline for Kickstarter shipping!

xunshu said:The plan is to start the shipments in June if testers give the green light. As always, we will take the suggestions from the community into consideration to finalize Pimax 8K. Now it is July… and now???

How long will it take, until the Production is ready? I would like to see specific data here and not some schedule without a Time label.


Robustness and HMD protection spring to my mind.

1/Lens covers for when not in use (protect the unit from sunlight damage and also act as a dust guard).

2/HMD storage option (case/bag/stand)

3/HMD and controller padding, something to fit onto both headset and controllers to prevent damage from hitting walls/furniture/people.

4/Sweat Proofing, every possible effort made to prevent potential of damage from sweat. (goes for consumer version too).

5/Cable connection protection, like the vive linkbox, something to help protect against cables being yanked from the back of a PC, especially bad if pulled sideways!


Dear xunshu,

like destraudo mentioned:

-safe ipd adjustment method


-cheap but good facecushion like this material: https://www.ebay.de/i/263136403879?chn=ps

Its important to be able to clean it with water/dish liquid more efficient than rubber foam. Its also for consumer/backer version better instead of the rubber foam.


Some ideas off the top of my head.

  1. Extended Warranty, 24 hr support line and priority sales. Bronze, silver, gold service contracts.

  2. Optional “setup and training day” for exhibitors, business, arcade use by certified Pimax installers.

  3. As you mentioned, a faux Leather / perforated face cushion

  4. Face cushion sock packs (x25, x50, x100 etc), a simple elasticated cover that snaps over the face cushion, machine washable or disposable. Must be sweat absorbant.

  5. Pimax approved Lens cleaner spray and microfiber packs, approved wet wipe packs for head-strap, controllers and cushion.

  6. Child head-strap, Adult head-strap options.

  7. Cable tidy system. Clips, brackets, ceiling springs, trunking

  8. Portable HMD Tent - 3m x 3m and 4m x 4m. Fabric and material designed to work well with lighthouse 2 and hand tracking, also a blue/green screen material option for mixed reality recordings. Framework has attachment points for lighthouses and cable system mentioned above. Optional LED lighting strips that can be attached to framework.

  9. Option to hire equipment e.g. 20 x HMD for nn weeks. Although that might be better offered from a business directly rather than Pimax themselves.

  10. Tripod mount for HMD + Controllers so that customers can take it off and simply place it onto the tripod for the next person. Includes A4 placard describing how to correctly attach headset with pictures. Painted in a non-reflective coating.

  11. Allow business users to apply for a certified Pimax repair engineer qualification. Offer full tear-down and repair training, part replacement and upgrades with a priority hot-line for partners so that orders can be expedited. This way you can have global repair centers popping up rather than having to ship to China. HTC have failed in this area so it would be good if Pimax put some thought into the logistics, tracking and fast turn around with repair centers.


You will need a child IPD range addet too.


Might be worth getting this paper for that: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14746164

I have had several clients wanting VR apps for kids for use in chain stores. Ages 5 and up.


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Automatic IPD adjustment would be the best thing you could do. But it’s too late in the game for that now.


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Alright deleted. Btw I didn’t know Disney was a pimax partner, this is HUGE. So this means Disney will use pimax in their actual theme parks around the world instead of just the vive…? Anywhere I can read about this or atleast see more of their partners? It’s very very encouraging to know that such a big company made a deal with pimax


Pimax kickstarter page under campaign.

  1. Swappable lens
  2. Lens protect sheet

Lenses are scratched by customer’s glasses or cleaning easily.
And Swappable lens provide to remove dusts on LCD easily.


A cheaper 5K panel option.