What are your expectations of the business version Pimax 8K?


It’s probably the 8KX. That one already showed up at some kind of robot arm ride.


You guys should make your own version of the vive tracker, except smaller. Or better yet, your own version of the Xbox kinect-one for body tracking. Probably both these things.


would definitely like pimax trackers if they can do them cheaper than htc. XD


Hi @xunshu

If the business editions are going to be used on multiple people in a short amount of time then.

  1. Head strap may need to be fast and easy to fit and tighten and also quick to release. Bit like ps4 style with a back Rachet for tighten/loose.
  2. Needs to be comfortable for all shapes of face including children and adults alike
    consider adding a handle across the top straps so people don’t grab the cables.
  3. Decent and comfortable ear phones, nothing worse than being in a vr world with crappy audio… Maybe allow the headphones to be replaceable if they get damaged, clip on/off type
  4. Wireless module to allow cable free use



Drawing is not your only talent wise full Jedi;-)

100% right if Pimax succeed in the long run we will have a better product, still we should have are headset in a reasonable number of weeks, it’s an act of balance

Oups to stay on topic : The businesses edition should have an wireless link


I am launching a VR arcade this week, it’s been many months in the making. I am using 5 regular HTC Vives for now and I will never upgrade to Vive Pro for one simple reason: they do not provide replacement cables or controllers.

Things break in arcades when the average public use expensive equipment. Even if (big IF) HTC replaced the broken equipment in under 5 working days with their commercial warranty, that’s valuable time wasted without working equipment.

I personally would prefer the option of being able to buy parts than having an expensive business version, some people would prefer relying on warranty though so the more choice the better.

I implore you Pimax: provide replacement parts! Make them so easily accessible that I could buy them in my country (New Zealand) either over the counter or at most with overnight shipping. It might sound basic yet HTC is failing with the Vive Pro in this simple matter.

Also integrated headphones like the Vive’s Deluxe Audio Strap are a must have. So to be fair HTC knocked it out of the park with that addon.

Also a 10m cable would be nice, but a link box similar to the Vive is perfectly fine too. As long as I can have around 10m of cable length without compromising quality.

One day I hope to have my arcade fitted out completely with Pimax gear!


You’d rather go with Oculus. HTC its just shit. I don’t know how the fuck they became the FACE OF VR. Its the worst company ever and lemme tell you few reasons why:

  1. Their customer support is trash and on purpose for getting more money
  2. Don’t give a shit about consumers nor developers, even developers are required to pay a little bit of cash just to get some shit where on Oculus you just apply and get shit for FREE
  3. They are a dying company and tries so hard to survive and ask insane shit prices for very little upgrades.
  4. They will never push VR forward just because of their attitude.

I do really hope Pimax takes the leap and becomes THE TRUE FACE OF VR, with upgrades that really worth the money.

For me the companies that will try to push VR forward and explore new technology are Oculus, Samsung, Pimax and LG.

From the bottom of my heart i really do wish death to the fucking HTC Company.


Chill out dude, HTC aren’t nearly that bad. The original Vive is by far the most popular VR headset for arcades for many good reasons. Oculus has its pros/cons too, both for consumer and the new business versions.
Without HTC we wouldn’t have had any choice since 2016 for high end PC VR except Oculus, and more choice is always good. I’m hopeful Pimax will soon provide another worthwhile option to choose from.


I’d rather had LG instead on HTC. I’m sick of HTC. HTC shouldnt even built any vr headset. They suck at everything. I mean i often use my oculus for any fitness vr game i play due the fact that Rift resists way more than vive. One drop of sweat inside Vive and its DEAD AF.


I admit that I do have a rather negative perceiption of HTC due to having not been able to get HTC to repair my Vive during (!) the warranty period (and because I was one of the idiots pre-ordering it on their website on 6 Feb 2016, I of course would have had a nightmare trip if I sought to enforce my rights), and it remains out of order ever since. Which of course led me to not really consider the Vive Pro.

However, I still try to remain reasonable in my criticism. One thing which I try to apply in my thinking & communication is the method of differentiation - not everything necessarily is either completely back, or completely white.

Wanna give it a try too ?


Lack of spare cables is a massive problem

To go back to the chicken dance after having an overhead cable system or wireless is a big ask ,
Overhead cables get easily twisted and break easily so without replacement cables being easily obtained over head use is not possible .
I will be selling my vive pro and going back to the OG vive for this very reason , and will not relish cables on the floor just to use the pimax


Before praising LG look at there lg360 bomb that was madw for the lg g5 & the lg g4 hardware boot loop issue.


I would want virtual meetings spaces and offices. I hope business units for VR will eventually allow more people to work remotely, while still being able to “see” and communicate each other. Instead of battling traffic and paying for parking, I can put on my headset in my home office and bam I’m sitting at my desk, with virtual desktop screens and documents virtually pinned to walls (my current office has all my key business reference cheat sheets pinned up). Time for a meeting? Bam, I’m sitting in a conference room a la Bigscreen.

So for that use case, positional tracking (6DoF) is almost irrelevant if head tracking is spot on. What it absolutely needs, though, is very high resolution (at least in the center of the FoV). If I have to squint or otherwise struggle to read text, I’m getting in my damn car and driving to work (eye strain for the one-eyed is not acceptable).


Virtual offices will certainly be a thing. As a manager I would want to see all my Virtual workers screens inside my virtual office which just happens to be the forward deck of the Mayflower boat floating in the clear Caribbean ocean with dolphins all around me cough


I work at a research lab that uses VR headsets (they are one of the businesses that pledged for Pimax based on my recommendation). Some of the things already coming to Pimax 8K are what we need - eye tracking is definitely a good thing and in the past we used Leap Motion so we could have good hands in VR. Due to many different people using the device in a row, making the headstrap as simple to adjust would a good thing, as well as making the foam bits that touch your face easy to swap out with fresh ones, and easy to wipe down/clean. IPD adjustment should also be a fairy simple step, and making sure glasses-wearers are comfortable.

Perhaps 8K-X style 4k-per-eye video input, since businesses can afford the expensive graphics cards needed and some business uses would require maximum detail and readability at a distance in simple scenes that wouldn’t tax the system anyways, but I’m not sure, the normal Pimax 1440p upconverted to 4k might be good enough.


Virtual offices can be good. But I think this is more into AR or holographic concepts. Sure VR/AR offices can be great. However facial expressions & such not good for a meeting perspective.

Though with eye tracking & A mouth face tracker might fill in the gap.


I think eye and face tracking will be important for business model.

I also think Pimax should make trackers similar to HTC Vive Tracker, but more affordable than HTC.

Maybe bundle them for example 3 for $150.

They must work with both V1 and V2 tracking.


Pucks if uses v2 tracking will work with either lighthouses. The same with vive v2 tracking pucks.

Though might not be hard to bake one’s own. See recent Rd2vr article on $3 tracker.


That $3 tracker is missing a lot of components. It doesn’t even have power and from what I understand is more a bare minimum proof of concept for static object detection.

But yes, I would love mini trackers for motion capture (all leg/arm/hip/lower and upper back points on human body)

Mini trackers to put on exercise bikes so you can peddle away across the galaxy with synchronized VR content.

If trackers cost $40 each and Pimax can monitor say between 16 and 20 of them at once then I would be all over that.

e.g. I had a project last year that needed 30 different very specific character animations, I nearly got a Vive just for mocap tracking with this software: https://ikinema.com/orion but the Vive trackers were always out of stock so had to animate my characters the hard way by hand.

LOL, just found that @SweViver has played with it.