What games would you like to see tested with the M1?


Has anyone had this issue: i’ve encountered this only in two games in my entire life: il2 battle of stalingrad in vr and Space Junkies (the beta), where i could see black borders of the very edges of the screen (you can only see this if you have thin face pad on the vive to increase the FOV). Has anyone else noticed this while playing? i haven’t played il2 since last year so maybe they fixed that but Space junkies i could see a black border at the bottom lol…think the devs of these games put a fixed fov of 100-110 only for some reason…? If that’s the case it’ll look even worse in pimax heh. But only in these two games


@SweViver i dare you to play this and not crap your pants on the pimax. A silent hill fallout 4 vr mod https://www.pcgamer.com/fallout-4-meets-silent-hill-2-in-horror-mod-claustrophobia/


Headmaster vr https://store.steampowered.com/app/621010/Headmaster/

You use your head only. This could be a very good endurance test for the pimax and seeing how comfortable it is when trying to head a ball


Even if the 8K is very light, it’s big and will carry a lot of inertia. I worry a bit about fast head movements.


Catch & Release
Moss VR
Vanishing of Ethan Carter
The Gallery Episode 1 & Episode 2


Man this game looks good in VR with the photogrammetry used. That must take its toll on the GPU though so I also want to see it tested in the 8K


most realistic looking graphics i’ve ever seen. For a second, if the fov was bigger and the sde was less, i would’ve been fooled into thinking it’s real. Stopped playing it when i started imagining playing it in a larger FOV than the vive, then the 8k happened.

Just thought of this, imagine someone waking up in this game in the future with a pimax, it’ll feel unbelievable real lol. Might try this myself actually


Not sure if these have been mentioned, or if our dedicated megatester @SweViver has already tested them.
I’m looking forward to giving Apollo 11 another run through with the 8k, & also no limits 2 rollercoaster as the kids love it.
Fingers crossed for compatabilty.


Just checked out another Xreal Game “a-techcybernetic” - its like Dead Effect 2 VR with a Doom kind of atmosphere. Good game but in Development. Might be a worth a try.


Edit: Sorry, a-techcybernetic is from xrealgames but Dead Effect 2 VR is from badflyinteractive.com


I’m an avid Elite Dangerous player. My suggestion for the upcoming M2 demos would be to run some of the ED Tutorials (“Training Missions”). Imo, this would be the best way to quickly demo ED.

I would recommend the “Basic Flight”, “Docking and Travel”, “SRV”, and “Mining” missions (in that order). Keep in mind that playing ED requires knowing a lot of commands and most players have custom HOTAS setups, so what you want to do is show a variety of scenes, without much need of ship flying. These tutorials will quickly give a feel for how ED will perform, without needing to fly around very much.

Basic Flight: shows an extensive ice asteroid field with lots of objects
Docking and Travel: shows the interior of a station (which is a demanding low-framerate area)
SRV: shows a planet surface (another demanding low-framerate area)
Mining: shows a sparse asteroid field with a large nearby sun