What games would you like to see tested with the M1?


1 ) IL 2 BOS ( check a scale/geometry issue ?)
2) Elite Dangerous
3) Project Cars 2 or Dirt Rally or Asseto
4) Skyrim or Fallout


I too would like to see a lot of the games above, so to not repeat everyone else i will add a few ‘different’ ones.

Honey select VR mod
VR kanojo

Though i guess there aren’t too many people that openly review these things are there, sadly


I want to see Skyrim VR


Elite Dangerous
MasterpieceVR (VR sculpting)


DCS World, complete startup procedure with the A10C, not only to verify cockpit labels readability but also the capacity to retain 80fps with all the subsystems turned on

Hotdogs, Horseshoes & Handgrenades, since Anton repeatedly said the physics rely heavily on the 90fps rendering and could be completely broken running at 80 instead

Onward, preferably from an experienced player (among the many that have more than 1000 hours each), to finally give an answer to those that debate the piMax unfair advantage (200° FOV and higher res) or disadvantage (80Hz and latency)


This is bad news for me, there goes another unknown into the pile.


Eve Valkyrie,
Project Cars 2
Dirt Rally
Eleven Table Tennis
Robo Recall
Lone Echo


Fortunately next week the Vive pro will be available in my country, so worst thing I’ll keep that for H3 and the pimax for all the rest…


All these VR games and simulators will be tested, including vorpx, Revive & Oculus Home games etc. I have every one of them, and if I miss any I’ll just buy it :slight_smile: so don’t worry guys!


You will be a busy man.


My list:

  1. X-Plane 11
  2. Lunar Flight
  3. Universe Sandbox²
  4. XING The Land Beyond
  5. The Climb (Revive)
  6. Lone Echo (Revive)
  7. AirCar (Revive)

However I think it is also very important not to test only games but a good variety of content in order to see how the different types experiences work with the Pimax 8K for a longer time.
For example I did not see any 3D person games listed yet.


There’s only 1 game that matters to me: Elite Dangerous.


Fallout 4


The Climb using revive.

It’s such a great sightseeing game and I’m wondering how well it will work using the wide FOV and increased resolution.


omg sooooooo worried. j/k. One thing I’d like to see you/anyone do is test different supersampling levels, along with performance without the “advanced supersampling filter,” which I think adds a bit of anti-aliasing, but seems to make the picture a bit fuzzy (to me at least). I keep that off. I guess I’d probably mess with the different reprojection settings, even if those don’t matter. I know you know what you’re doing, but those are things I’m probably going to mess with first when I get mine! Thanks and I hope you have fun!


The IL-2 Great Battles series, Battle of Stalingrad, Moscow and Kuban, is supposed to be one of the best implementations of VR in a flight sim.


Are you not biased due to your name and DP? :stuck_out_tongue:
I feel like those things limit you being the Pimax guy.
Just bein silly mostly, but seems odd to have top pimax reviewer have vive in the name :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I find it weird that a succesfull vr youtuber with vive in his name and double the subs compared to cas and chary didn’t get a vive pro.
I guess it depends how good you are at kissing ass…
Soon we’ll call him Swemaxer. Lol.


15 characters left.


I second this as well. Please test VORPX and tell us how it is!

My questions are:

Is the fov stretched to 200 degrees or is it close to native?

If it is stretched, does it effect your perception in the center of the screen while focusing on the middle?

What is the max fov possible?

Does vorpx even work?

Does the UI scaling feature work? (Ctrl + scroll down)

What is your performance with vorpx and what are your specs?

How does the game look in geometry mode vs non geometry? ( Z Adapative and non adaptive)

Does the FOV skewing on the periphery effect your impression of the game?