What games would you like to see tested with the M1?


DCS would be great- some of that text is murder in VR :confused:


Shooty ,roamy ,racey ,flighty , sporty, explory , scary, surviverly,funny ,team based games would be good


and few characters…


“Vive” is Spanish for “Lives”, is not only a device from HTC.


Thought Vive was live in French and it was Viva in Spanish?


“He (or she) Lives” -> “Él (o ella) Vive.”


Racket Fury Table Tennis
Nature Treks VR
The Solus Project
Simple VR Video Player


Since SweViver started to post videos of DCS F-18, showing his new sim rig, I have no worries - what is matter to me, will be properly tested during M1 stage :blush:


Holy cow… all of them!
Honestly I just want to hear how the fov “feels” the exact game doesnt matter as much as the overall impact of this massive improvement


I don’t care about ‘sim’ games and first of all want games (and applications) above (which I mainly use) work correct in hmd. This thread is about app lists. Of course I almost sure all apps will work correctly but who knows what accidental problems can appear…
Actually I don’t need to ‘see tested’ just want testers to check everything work okay before beta testing end.


i dont care you dont care about games,but i do care you come in here claiming this post is not about Games but for apps, the title itself says “What Games would you like to see teseted with the m1”.


Don’t worry your beloved ED will be tested over 9000 times.
Games are apps too. What huge difference? All what starts from steamvr. I have games in list too. There are no separate thread for apps and no sense in it.


i dont give a shit about ED, i dont even own it, apps are not games. you freaking tripping


Games are apps too

apps are not games



100 feet screen…? It’s not that big lol, it’s like a big tv in front of you…


Everspace please


valkeri or warzone and some fallout with abit of onwards


I was thinking Redout would be a good test. It’s graphics are good, its very fast, and it involves constant and odd motions. Depending on which view you use, that could turn up a lot of problems. For example, I believe some people were worried that the extended FoV could make it easier to induce motion sickness.


Yes I agree, I have it for when I get the Pimax.


I would love to see the mother vr mod tested, mainly to know if there is much more sense of fear & presence with 200° fov.
Nibre should be dropping a new update by monday according to his twitter