What games would you like to see tested with the M1?


I did not read all of these so if its a repeat sorry I would like to see DCS used


I don’t want to “see” anygame tested… IMO it’s not relevant to show what a VR game looks like on a screen…
Testers must just confirm technical points : are lenses ok, screen ok, refresh rate ok, confort ok etc…

To test game, don’t worry I will do it myself ^^


Skyrim and fallout to see performance comparisons to the Vive/rift.

The lab to see how well games designed for current hardware translate to higher resolution. Also the photometry section in the lab will show a good example of how that looks on the 8k.

Something less demanding like beat saber so they can see how high they can push SS and what difference that makes to visual quality, it may not be worth it.

Serious Sam 3 to see the difference of Dx12 Vs Vulkan.

Budget cuts to see how a game designed from the ground up for current hardware translates into your wider Fov.


If Brain Warp is enabled, I’d like to see it tested in some demanding games, like Elite Dangerous.


I vote for

DCS World
XPlane 11
BigScreen VR


Pimax has said that Brain Warp is not enabled in the M1 prototypes.


Can I suggest that the backers explain why it would make sense to see a part of a game or application for the tests, regardless of what they like?

That would convince the testers much more.

It would be nice to make a list without the repeated names and perhaps the number of users that have proposed them.


@SweViver fallout 4 on low ss setting to see if the extra panel resolution cleans it up some so the game is actually playable without a super computer


@SweViver @mixedrealityTV
@PimaxVR @xunshu

I would like to say a handful of Oculus games tested with Revive to see how they are.

I’ve heard from the developer of Revive CrossVR that he believes Oculus games will not work because the Oculus SDK did not support angled screens.

Please test Dozens of popular Oculus games and report what you experience; perfect, looks right but only 110 FOV, distortions, doesn’t run at all…



Surely the testers will try games with Revive, it’s too important for them to forget about that.
Lone Echo, Medium…


Can anyone please test if the tpcast that we use for the vive would temporary work for the 8k, until the 8k specific wifi module is developed?


I want the testers to actually play a 3D Blu-Ray on the device. But few have the knowledge on how to do it directly on the headset, sadly.


Don’t see why it would work really.

Totally different amounts of data it has to transfer.


Bluray 3D does not work directly, because they use a sequential 3D system and for the headset it has to be 3D SBS. I guess it has to be converted somehow.


So for how long we would be able to play wired and not wireless?

Maybe the new version of the tpcast ( TPCast Plus) or the new wifi device for the vive pro would work?


Maybe it’s possible, play 3D Blu rays with PotPlayer + MadVR + Virtual Desktop~!


G29 is on it’s way for asetto Corsa and project cars 2 :yum: so i would like those.


Works fine with LAV + MADVR + MPC-HC (and a trick I can’t name here). I’m watching my 3D Blu-Ray that way on my PiMax 4K.


I would love to know what the effect is when watching 180 degree 3D movies on the 200 degree fov headset. If there’s any distortion I suppose software should handle that, so maybe not a real testing issue but I’m still very curious to know if it works well or not


Anything vorpx,
Anything revive,
Any old VR mod (Doom, Quake etc) to check compatibility.

The Solus Project,
Dirt Rally (obviously),
Alien Isolation,
Fallout 4 VR,

Plenty of room scale games to check tracking.