What games would you like to see tested with the M1?


For me it is all about simracing :slight_smile:
Assetto corsa
DIrt rally
RaceRoom Racing Experience
Project Cars 2

In that order :slight_smile:


For me it’s simracing, too…

Assetto Corsa


I agree, I don’t need “to see” too and think this is useless.
BUT. As many apps/games need to be tested with M1 as possible. Tested for launching first of all, not bugging/crashing, correct picture etc.


The most realistic looking game in vr, the vanishing of Ethan carter vr :yum: @SweViver @VoodooDE


Ok thanks for your idea, I will test this.


Thanks for all suggestions guys! :grinning:


And, as the mention to a “Carter” suggests, for H.P. Lovecraft myths lovers.


I’m also curious to know how well horror VR games work when you have that extra side view information. My experience with walking through dark hallways is amplified because you have to physically turn your head a lot to find out if you’re about to be eaten from behind or not, that adds to the feeling of danger so I wonder what 200 FOV will change about that


More inmersion, more fear.:laughing:


Fuck no, i can barely finish RE7 VR…


Certainly, less head turning. It’s possible that the fear factor will increase, due to a higher level of immersion and seeing stuff out of the corner of your eye.


Man I can’t wait for this headset to arrive


Maybe an odd one out: Eagle Flight (Steam)?


I tried Eagle Flight for the first time, yesterday. The forced vignette effect when passing by buildings was very annoying, couldn’t find a setting to turn it off either. Which will be weird in a 200 fov headset


I would love to see Warthunder tested …
I hope im not to late to ask for it haha…
It’s a free to play WW2 -> Korean War and later Flight , Tank and Ship Sim…
It’s using its own engine and therfore I’m not sure if the 200° FOV would be curgently supported.


I would love if a tester could test and see if Titanic: Honor and Glory demo 3 is useable with the pimax 8k without needing an update from the devs. Since its a demo it probably won’t be updated and I would hate not being able to play it with the updated resolution of the 8k.


Jesus, forced fov blinds would be the devil. that would be a deal breaker for me buying a game for 8k. i’m not sure how they would even deal with it.


It would probably be handled the same way as monitors: Black bars.

I agree, it would be a deal breaker for me too. Unfortunately, the wide FOV can give a tremendous advantage to someone in various competitive games. I’m aware of more than one game which limits FOV because a wide FOV is considered a “cheat”.


i wonder though. some games like say me3, have effectively decals that sit on view. when you try to play them on vorpx which radically increases fov you end up seeing the side of that plane. XD

i wonder about vr games being designed for a very set fov being thrown out to 200 and any decal use like that becoming visible as a fade to black and then outside that no blinkers XD. hoping no one gets caught out with this.


Everything you mention is getting tested day by day :grin: Thanks for the tips!