What games would you like to see tested with the M1?


I can confirm this as I literally saw sweviver playing war thunder on steam yesterday lmao unreal dedication


@SweViver i have seen this ,its not supported properly but there is a patch for vr



Thats very interesting, thanks a lot mate !


a nice testing tool for HMD´s, I hope it becomes standard in the future. https://knob2001.itch.io/test-fov-rv-testsglare-readbility-lens


Overload please!

From the makers of Descent


Im on it, Rage!!! :wink:


Have you tried out The Forest? Love that game’s weather effects and atmosphere.:ok_hand:


Tons of people wanting racing sims checked out but nobody requested rFactor2 specifically. Can you check that one?

SweViver, if there’s a problem you can’t even tell us so I’m wondering now what’s the point of asking. I’m a backer so I’m getting the 8K for better or for worse. It will work with my fav game or it won’t.


Yes. But jeez The Forest is really heavy on the GPU :frowning:


rFactor2 already tested a week ago :slight_smile:I think I have covered all flight/racing sims now, including some that are not mentioned often such as Kart Racing Pro for example


Hmmm… a :slight_smile:… I’m getting a good feeling! :wink:


Hard on the GPU I agree, and hope the devs are able to optimize the game engine better in further updates. I have a GTX 1070 and an i7-8700K and it’s running fairly well on a Rift but I have concerns about the Pimax, as with a lot of other current GPU intensive games running on the 8K.


Hey @SweViver, what about playing in video mode (in windows extended) with reshade or vorpx SBS as injectors??? Is it reliable ??



You can ask… But you will need to wait till nda has been lifted before he can answer


There was a workaround for playing in VR but they updated the game which stopped it working. It was actually very good in VR.


Hmm is that VR mode not working anymore? :frowning:


I saw on the next page on steam more work arounds ,i havnt tryed but seem to be working ,cant understand why devs would kill the game?


They probably want to add VR support in the game later on and charge more lol…


I hope so it looked pretty good ,very cyberpunk ,proper vr support would be a bonus ,ahh well never mind we will have to hope for some more quality conversions


X-Plane, Battle of Stalingrad series