What games would you like to see tested with the M1?


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also found this from the developer so there is hope for this one after all

BT_Neptuned [developer] 3 Oct, 2017 @ 12:10pm
Originally posted by MPaC:
thanks for the feedback. what about leaving the basic vr version as a beta version on steam for now ? i think otherwise some customers will get dissapointed .
This is one of the options we are exploring for now. We want it to be as painless to access as possible. We will keep you posted on what our move will be on this matter in the upcoming weeks.


I hope so, this the second time I asked @SweViver about it, I will search for another M1 tester that might tested it. :unamused:


Video mode? :hushed:


Hmm yes, video mode in the 4K just makes the headset another external monitor. I wonder how well that works in a 200 fov headset.


Hmmm, please don’t make us doubt of the testing that you’re doing mate. :confused:


What is this video mode - or better, why should I care about it if we have a proper VR HMD and if we want to force a 2D projection on us nevertheless, we could use virtual desktop, or some kind of movie app?


Hi @Axacuatl, if you have not tried playing within this mode with injectors, you should give it try. IMO you gain a lot of performance and resolutions. :sunglasses:


Good luck finding another tester who’ll test something as useless as that.

I tried it once, it was by accident on the first day I got my vive, it was literally a 2D screen of your desktop stuck to the vive, what’s the point of that when you have bigscreen/virtual desktop…?


I came to the same conclusion - I really like my VR headsets, but actually to do VR, and not just to have a cinema size flat desktop floating in front of me. There are only very few reasons why I would be interested in that, and those are well served by Bigscreen & Co., and the one big issue there is the lack of resolution of the headsets, not the performance. I really do not see myself play a pancake game with my 8K on my head. If I am playing it at my monitor, fine, then I just do the old school thing.
But being in VR while the game itself is flat ? That would be rubbing salt into the wounds ever second that you spend in there.

Only if this is an Amiga emulator, well then you are in a retro-mood and may enjoy that. Or, if you have enough photos of your childhood room, you could recreate it with photogrammetry and play the flat Amiga games virtually sitting in your room of the time - that actually would be quite cool… :grinning:

So I frankly was not even certain what grzvs was talking about when he brought it up. Now I understand; fine, if there are people interested in that, perhaps Sweviver will take a look at it too. I surely would not have it in my top 100 apps to check out, but Sweviver is beyond the 100 mark, so he may have time to look into some of the niché applications in the VR universe…


There is a very cool amiga/nes/snes/etc… emulator coming to VR soon anyway. Thats 100 times better than having a flat 2d screen in front of you without room scale.

VorpX is tested a few times now.

And I still wonder what you mean with Video mode? :slight_smile: (I never used a Pimax 4K)


I found one of tester that actually did it, will share results after testing period.


Tester of 8K m1? Video mode? I dont get it…? :blush:


the Pimax 4K used Piplay drivers that had a Piamx mode (for playing VR Games content) from Steam etc. and a Video Mode that made the Headset appear on your Windows Display properties as another monitor, so you can watch SBS videos, 180 or 360 videos.

it is accessed from this icon which is top right of Piplay.

but as you are not actually using piplay for the 8k, i am not sure how relevant it is for you :slight_smile:


I see thanks. No, so far I have not tested video mode…


please don’t disclose anything here!

I am merely fielding the onslaught of questions that will appear shortly from that last post…

Some of the community would be interested in knowing if the 8K software has the ability to use direct (aka video mode) option, to have the pimax 8k display as a monitor, and if so what is the quality of watching video on the large fov. also you mentioned earlier that you have tested VORPX, usually that is done in the (piplay versions VIDEO mode) how was this accomplished in the 8k software.

as mentioned earlier, if these things can be tested it will help some of the community that are keen on using it for video watching rather than game play.

thanks Sweviver



Ok, no video mode to test.



I wont disclose anything, and I can’t discose anything if Im not even aware of the video mode. None of my other headsets has a video mode. If anyone has hints on what to test im wide open for all requests.


Just run the M1 outside steamvr, see if it only works as monitor.


I have asked @VoodooDE if he has a chance to Test Dead Effect 2 - in case he has not could be interesting - it’s not the best, but a good game @SweViver. ( i am more curious about DCS but I guess I said that a million)

Also I was wondering about the eye strain and such effects of using the hmd (blue light and so on). I guess you Testers have had the hmd on a lot, maybe you could report on that also ( guess you also already have) .
Kind regards!