What games would you like to see tested with the M1?


I remember a hack to get better quality VR by not using steam (which was capped at Vive and Oculus resolution) and to use a 3D engine for SBS output to your Pimax 4K external monitor. Still you needed tricks to do headtracking but tools are out there for that too.

So Video-mode was fun to play with way back in the day, PiPlay also came with a preconfigured Kodi (xbmc) installation set to 3D mode. I didn’t like watching movies that way though because it has no head tracking and you keep following targets when you watch a movie so having the screen follow you just doesn’t make sense.


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Hi SweViver
Just a quick question, should not make you brake the NDA .

What HMD will you be using the most in the very near future :slight_smile:


sweviver tested it, i could see from steam lol the other day


Are you able to tell us anything more about vorpx compatibility or is that under the NDA as well? If you can’t give us any specifics, what was your general feeling when using vorpx and will you be posting any videos about it on YouTube?

What videos are you going to post on YouTube?

you so much for testing Sweviver.


Of course I can’t answer your question directed at @SweViver. I just merely wanted to show you a link to graphiccards site: http://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-1080-Ti-vs-Nvidia-Titan-V/3918vsm395529

Its a 1080 Ti vs. Titan V comparison.

Also you mention the VORPX. But that is just to compensate for games from the past getting a makeover for the VR.
IMO the pimax 8K is a next gen VR set that let’s you forget about VORPX. Because VORPX is meant to make 2D feel like 3D, but its not native. But it is a legitimate question.

VORPX was a phase between the old skool gaming world and the new skool VR possibilities.


Im having trouble understanding how your post is relevant to what I’m asking at all lol.


It was well intentioned, but a miss, I guess.

I thought you were worried your 1080 (its in your name) wouldnt be able to render vorpx games, whilst they are not truly VR. I tried to show you there are some GFXcards out there that can deliver on your wishes.


Idk man, in some games I get good results with vorpx. And I play older games that are compatible with vorpx. So a 1080gtx will be able to handle those games just fine. I’m also going to be upgrading to a 1180 gtx when I get the money.


I think you know the answer already :wink:


I cant tell you much yet, as the NDA is not lifted… But I promise everything will be covered as soon as Im allowed to! :slight_smile:


@SweViver Once the nda is lifted and if you got a chance to test that titanic demo I mentioned would you mind giving a quick update on if it works or if it will need to be updated to work with the 200 deg fov.



@zuiquan1 Absolutely I will, its on my to-do list already :slight_smile:


The Alien Isolation Possesed VR mod, and the Doom 3 BFG VR mod would be good to try.

Im also curious about New Retro Arcade Neon


Of course :grin: Thats some of the first games I tried already!


Please, could you give a go to ‘Nefertari, journey to eternity’, just out on Steam? Free, and high-quality, Epic photogrammetry. Wonder how it performs with higher FoV.


I think Alien Isolation is one of the best vr experiences out there. I wish it had hand tracking . Sneaking down a corridor with the tracker in one hand and the flame thrower in the other would be awesome.


You played Alien Isolation? You are fear less! I have post poned it until I get diapers in xxxxxl for myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It will probably be the first game I play when my 8k arrives. If it works.


About time you changed your avatar :slight_smile: