What games would you like to see tested with the M1?


To something like this? It’s a frame from the chair falling over video, :smiley: 'shopped as best as I can, in 15 minutes…


And his name requires a change too. You cannot wield a name from a competitor :stuck_out_tongue:

SweViver --> Swe8K :joy::sweat_smile:


Or SweVR



It looks a little too “Christmasy” (red & green) to me, but the black shirt was just too drab to keep it.


Aaaaand? ;)…I Know…You cant say…had to try though. Lol


I guess it all DEPENDS…on one’s stomach for fear eh? Lol :slight_smile:


of topic but no one in my house is much interested unless it has sheep or pigs attached to the sentence.
Any who just got a bargun from very 75 pounds for vive luxury headset ,they offered me discount ,im guessing its going to be a few months yet till the finished item from pimax .

Would still like to know if having the extra pixals means we can bump down the ss on some games like fallout without to much of a visual hit ,hoping the game might benefit in some way would love to hear your views on that when the NDA lifted @SweViver


you have too much time on your hands…


If that were only true. I just skimp on sleeping.


I put on hold playing alien isolation.

I am waiting for 2 things before playing that cool game:

  1. captoglove get fully integrated in steamvr , so like you said, we can use hands and not regular controllers . We can use captogloves now already in alien , but you would have to imagine as u are replacing keyboard and mouse with finger gestures, so at the moment , it does not work same as using hands in the real sense of the term.

  2. use a “walk in place” method for locomotion in the game or katwalk mini (which in the end I ordered, but that I will receive in September)

So I feel what you are saying and your wishes


If they Bundle with Alien, will it be called PeeMax Bundle?

Sorry it’s a bad one it just came over me… :joy:


I started a new game last night but I upped the difficulty setting. I have only played it the easy setting until now. It is very different to play this time and very scary. I love it .


Interesting question. I would think the answer was an obvious ‘no’ but I’m not so sure anymore. Depends on what you consider better. If you’re used to a Vive then lesser quality on a better screen would be ok perhaps. Marginally though, because SS helps to reduce jaggies too and that’s not countered with a better screen, it’s the source signal that gets displayed


Hey @sweviver have you gotten into the hover junkers beta? Cause I’d love for you to try it. Because I fear it’s the only game where it won’t work. I have a vive, and I’ve played vorpx games. Sometimes you have a little black border at the bottom which you can remove by increasing the zoom. When I play this game, it has the same issue. It’s as if I’m using vorpx to play it. There’s a little black border at the very bottom (you can only see this if you have a vive with a thin face pad to make the FOV higher). I suspect the black border will be even worse and much more with a bigger field of view headset like pimax…


that’s my point exactly ,with lets say no sde and crap load of pixels the quality of 1ss should in my mind iron out to something lets say MORE


It will definitely feel much better, at first. But in the end it’s the actual signal input that gets noticed too so you’re going to appreciate that ss a whole lot too. But for starters, yes, every single backer is going to have their minds blown when they first enter this new virtual world. Ugh, I can’t wait.


Ikr, it will be like trying VR for the first time AGAIN. Can’t wait to re-experience that.



Is Katwalk mini beginning to ship at july or at september ?


Mine would arrive in September because is by boat and I was not part of the kickstarter


Sorry the mention did not work :wink:
The answer was for you