What happened to the proximity sensor?



My 5K+ does not have a proximity sensor. Does yours? Early reviews showed one, but my screens stay on till I shut off the power. Was this mentioned? Early backers do you have one? Will preorders get one with this included? Whats the deal?


Instead of the sensor they opted to used the gyroscope inside HMD to shut off screen, but not sure if backlight is turned off.


Thanks strix I will have to see what happens If I just leave it be. This feature would actually work better for me seeing i place it on a maniquin head some times if i dont just lay it down.


It don’t shut the lenses off…not so good. I just use the power button.


Maybe they will update it in software.


No problem. there is a thread here about the proximity sensor. It got pretty heated as backers were pretty angry that it was missing.


im glad it doesn’t come with such a sensor. I hate it on my CV1. Even the VR-Cover fabric makes the stupid headset go active when it hangs loose one mm. completely useless anyway since gyro sensors can do the trick way better. we could use a timeout setting in Pitools though.