What is the delay?


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We don’t have so much time before CV2 and other next gen headset are announced/out…


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Nothing will come this year. Not from competitors and I also doubt from Pimax after Sebastiáns words. CES 2019 next milestone


Given the repeated rather positive hints from a certain Swedish bloke, I am not so sure about MRTV’s comments anymore. Perhaps he was trying to build his resume as a super-critical tester, who will not rest until he found the last small flaw of the device (and perhaps seeing the need to alleviate the Swedish bloke’s comments so that nobody is certain what to expect, to get back to a level playing field with the other testers and not have spilled the news already).

Who knows. Wait and see.

  1. 1 year? What are you talking about.
    The Pimax 8K Kickstarter campaign started in September and ended in November. The original shipping date was supposed to be January, which puts us at a 5 month delay.

  2. Pimax has never explained how or if it will allow testers to release their results. We don’t know for sure that the NDA will ever lift.

  3. shipping delays are not in Pimax’s control. Pimax said the testers are worldwide. Every country deals with imports differently. Delays happen, especially when you’re dealing with prototype hardware. When the broker can’t compare the value of a product to the retail price, it become tricky to asses such a device.


The M1 headsets are not meant for review. The test group is there to make sure the headset meets expectations before going into production. Pimax has never said that testers would be allowed to release their findings. More than likely, they will want to wait for the final production units for reviews.


You’re not going to see reviews of the M1… SweViver confirmed that there will be no reviews of the M1 because Pimax doesn’t want the testers to review the M1. The reviews won’t come about until Pimax begins actually sending out the final version of the 8K.


He is right. We should give a damn because its their fault that they have choosen the WORST shipment ever. Like we even care that not all testers have received it, i mean 2 freakin weeks passed, WHY THE DAMN DELAY?!!! Lift the NDA and let the curent testers share their review with us. STOP keeping us in locked in ‘prison’. We need to know!!!


Are you effing serious? Have you been following all the buzz about the M1 beta testers or have you been living under a rock?

Or are you just trolling?


take it up with the postal service.


I didn’t think this comment was very positive 8k News Embargo ON see last part. He admits that there are issues just like sebas said. Only difference with sebas is that sebas said we shouldn’t be too hopeful on how long addressing the issues will take. I really think CES 2019 is the next stop now. We’ll see. BTW it’s interesting how sweviver said that ‘nothing is perfect from the start’ while pimax said they felt very confident about m1, making it sound like it was not a ‘start’ but more like an end


A one headset just arrived to canada on 12/6/18, so what is delay?



Where did you find this?



Weird, seems like the tester is not informing us. Maybe he is on a holiday


I estimate that the whole of this month is for testing, you have to wait pimax working on each feedback in next month and announce the results after solved already.

They want to control the panic situation which be caused by those issues.

  1. Feedback
  2. Check feedback
  3. Solving the issues.
  4. Testing.

These steps need more time.


i wouldnt inform us either tbh. XD