What is the delay?


The more that is said the more we conjecture. I do feel slightly flat now though.


So in July at the earliest if all the testers say it’s good. Otherwise, September/October at the earliest before another round of testing or they just decide to ship out the units.


¿@Heliosurge? :wink:


Haha no he already said he didn’t want to be a tester


He HAS been rather absent the last 1-2 days… :smirk:


Haha that is true. Well maybe he lied before just like voodoode did


I would be quite pleased if he was one of the testers myself. Would get to see his mug shot too lol That and Ben at RoadToVR,


honestly, taking the totality of what sweviver has said i would be 1/10 worried, compared to mixed reality tv’s 8/10

Swe said its not perfect, but he is able to test it on a mobile 1070 , so the unit works fine, and works within the advertised gpu power bracket (presumably with pimax version of re-projection (not brainwarp). Not perfect is not perfect. if you handed me a cake and it was not perfect i would still eat it. I may even say it was a great cake. He posted about playing and enjoying 5 hours of skyrim with it. and has made other very positive sly comments.

I think by the time the NDA lifts we will have enough sly hints to average out the state of play.


Well he said they are working with pimax to improve the issues they have found. He hasn’t indicated how long that would take. Sebas did, so I think we can go with that. But who knows.


Issues are caused by

  1. Hardware
  2. Software

If issues casued by software, all tester must wait for the new driver update to test again, so I don’t think the testing will be finished in 1-2 weeks.


Pimax needed almost a year to fix the driver issues with the 4k. Of course that doesn’t mean that it will necessarily take that long again. Just saying software issue’s might be complex and can take some time to fix. But we are completely in the dark here. It is possible that sebas was exaggerating and that it’s nearly finished. It would suck if they would keep us in the dark for a very long time


Aye. Ok, cup half full version.

Maybe it is just how they described their role as testers rather than reviewers to their subscribers so went full throttle on the seriousness of the testing role. e.g. a good tester WILL find problems. A bad tester finds nothing. And that’s all it is along with a lot of improvements/suggestions to send in that could be done but not necessarily needed for consumer release… (fingers crossed).

All we need now is SweViver to change his YT name to SwePimaxer :wink:


I wonder at what point Pimax will ignore testers suggestions


Never I hope. But they should be ranked by seriousness / feasibility just like any development.


It’s fixed? :worried:


If all the testers lived in a basket then all would have the test units. Please relax in the meantime.


okay soo…
-1 .you just said it yourself . we are nearly at the year mark for the pimax ks. Kickstarer ENDED 8 months ago as well. So even getting that number specifically you are at the better part of a year. Everyone has patiently been on board and waited though many delays… So I disagree completely that just because someone has an opinion on time management or ways to move forward , that those opinions make them some impatient jerk. It doesnt at all. It makes them an objective backer with an opinion that may be different than yours. The big issue I see is with those who pick fights or name call anytime someone has such an opinion, calling them impatient and trying to shame them into falling in line and only complimenting things. This is disgusting to me. even if I disagree I disagree even more with name calling or insulting as a response.

-2 Maybe not, I can see that as a possibility, but no more a certainty than the opposite

-3. Yes it is… You can pay more for faster shipping… Heck you can pay for 24 hour travel time on anything, anywhere. Customs may still do its own thing. OR you can test internally instead of counting on youtubers spread around the world. Dont misunderstand, I dont care if they want youtubers to have some. But my point was IF there are significant delays caused my this that I do not think it would be the best choice to wait on say a 2- 4 week customs issue for example They have units locally they themselves can just test and test and test… and react sooner


Big text is big… and fixed


Yep, I had fixed it. The bold was not intentional


You’re good, I found it more humorous than anything.