What is the delay?


That will be happening too, however Internal testing has different results than those that send test units out to enthusiasts or industry experts. Many companies do it, especially the game industry and those outside the payroll don’t hold back on feedback which is invaluable.


I think your being dramatic. It will take what it takes & if your committed to having a quality headset released. You should have no problem waiting.

This phase if the project is very important to be done right. Utilizing testers worldwide will help get a clean picture on what needs to be done before shifting gears to start manufacturing & shipping headsets.

So please relax & enjoy a cold one. We need to create & maintain a positive environment.


Yep we can start flipping tables once we have actual news.


Nah. I am in Ontario near Toronto. That’s one Province to the left that the headset went. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:



Recheck likes. Lol (20 chars)


Lets not jump with speculations like that. I doubt pimax will ignore testers.


I’m in Ottawa, a canoe ride down the river :wink:


Awesome to narrow it further. I am in Guelph.


No but there must be a line in the sand , personally I am encouraged by the enthusiastic testing by the you-tubers , if the pimax has any serious problems they would not still maintain their enthusiasm


I personally got a chuckle out of that comment… but on the serious side, there will have to come to a point where Pimax will have to stop and get the unit out to the public. I don’t care how good a unit is… i could cherry-pick things forever.


Destination Scan does not mean delivered.
I was simply waiting to actually receive it.


Sure, but there is this fine middle ground between overdoing things in pursuit of the perfect device without ever reaching the lofty goals, and rushing things out the factory because you run out of money/patience/cool. If you don‘t hit the sweetspot, you will either come to the market with a product nobody buys because it‘s just not ready yet, or arrive on the market to compete with Vive 2 and other next gen HMDs (not Oculus, they probably won‘t release their CV2 in 2019, almost impossible for Pimax to be caught out by Oculus even if they add another year of delay).

But I do believe that Pimax will likely consider some of the improvements suggested by the backers as nice to have, and may decide to push the delivery of the 8K if it proves good enough. They can always release an 8K+ in 6, 9 or 12 months from the original one with the improved features, while still being the admired new high-end standard with the 8K in the meantime. That would allow them substantially more time for the refinements and they‘ll earn money in the meantime, which even with tenri series A funding is not to be neglected after a certain period of time.
Assuming the improvements do not concern substantial issues.


@Heliosurge Been lurking for a while and just made an account to say I’m in Guelph too!

Not a backer unfortunately, but waiting for public retail if it ever happens :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea… I think that’s a given… even the OP of the comment in question thought so as well…

“at what point Pimax will ignore testers suggestions”

I really just didn’t take this as being a negative comment myself which ultimately was my point…


That is awesome! Small :earth_americas:. Feel free to add me on steam (anyone that wants to please do).

I will admit don’t get onto steam as often as I would like between work & the forums.

But when the headsets do ship you would be welcome to schedule a visit & try it for yourself.

Bumped your user level up one for your convienance.


Sounds like you just swallowed haha


Lol It might be that indeed.


Oh, so you are one of the beta testers ? Cool ! So Pimax are not shying away from the more professional testers, that‘s good news! No offence towards the youtubers, but they are usually not doing it for a living, so the level of depth is more of a gamble than with a reknown tech journalist.


Agreed, really happy to see that pimax didn’t only choose you tubers. Feels assuring that at least they really believe in m1