What is the delay?


if they are putting it in front of large press outlets it does suggest a high level of confidence.


I’ve been trying to reassure people without divulging that I’m part of this ever since I signed the NDA.


I should clarify that I am a freelancer tech journalist. I write for Tom’s Hardware, but this particular task does not involve TH.
My review for the website will be of the final product, not the M1.


ah apologies, i misunderstood from another post. At the same time i don’t think it reduces your qualifications. And it does not change the fact that they were confident enough in their progress to send it to someone like you.


Huuuummm… I don’t know…


Are the 4k’s issues fixed? Last I knew they still weren’t. The drift in mine is so bad l finally gave up on it.


There is some good Calibration & @Enopho can give solid advice on calibrating.

Ghosting is still an issue but reported on par with 1.1.92; where as 3.0.x has increased.


Hi Greymane,

Please can you try using piplay. there are some additional features including magnetic giro, horizontal calibration in case you have a horizontal tilt as well. i do recommend doing this and also use steamvr’s display mirror to tell the game where your ‘straight ahead’ should be.



Awesome, congrats Pumcy! :slight_smile:


Ok will dig out of closet this weekend and give a go. Last I heard the 1.9x something version was still the best overall with quality.


that was the case up until the last 2 versions of 2.x - they managed to nail the ghosting to match 1.1.92, and as they have moved away from steamvrs compositor they now manage the quality of display in piplay directly. @xunshu announced in the last month that Pimax are planning of further improving ghosting with some new techniques, but may involve some hardware and software changes.