What is your IPD?


Hi Enthusiasts,

We would like to know your IPD figure to make sure the range we covered is large enough for you.

Several simple ways to choose from:

  1. http://doc-ok.org/?p=898 thanks to doc_ok :slight_smile:
  2. Use a credit card sized plastic.
  3. Go to an optician


Mines 65 professionally measured.

Also I wouldn’t give my CC and CVV code to anything except payment systems on the internet.


64mm, I use mirror and ruler to measure this, I do not want to upload personal photo and card info. :slight_smile:


Mine is 64, right from the Optometrist.


maybe 1 or 2 mm error


65, professionally measured. Sometimes I turn it upwards of 72 though. I don’t know why, some days it just looks better that way.


69,5 professionally measured last week by optician.

Call me old-school, but I would strongly recommend you not to upload a photo of your credit card to that site :slight_smile:


70.5, professionally measured


Agreed, as the back of the CC not only shows the CC number but also the 3 digit safety code


About 67, unprofessionally measured.


Btw @xunshu you’d probably have seen this, but here’s some data: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pupillary_distance#Databases

According to that, IPD range should be about 56.0 to 72.5 to cover 98% of US males.

Also here’s some data on different races, see paragraph 5.2 here: http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=

Interesting though why the Vive pro has an IPD range 61.2-73.2. Maybe it was physically difficult to attain lower IPD because of the panel size.


Mine is 64mm here. Actually more like between 64-65mm.


Mine is 63.7 from the optician.


I have tested that card measuring with some old non working card. Let me assure you this method does not work or is highly inaccurate.


Mine is 58,5 from the optician.

I think I am at the lower end :smirk:

I hope this IPD will be possible with the Pimax.


Had new glasses last month re measured by optician. I am 68.3.



70 professionally measured two weeks ago by optician.


64-65 hhhyfvigfcvhhgf


67 mm . 100 percent not sending that site a pic of my card though hahah


66 mm, measured with ruler and mirror.