What is your IPD?


72 mm - measured by an optician.


There are plenty cards of the same size as credit card: ID cards, driving licenses, train or bus tickets in some countries, electronic access cards (such as ProxCard) etc. So, you can use any of those. However, I think it is much easier just to measure it by yourself with the mirror. Mine is 69.


Wow, @xunshu. Are you really trying to get people to take pictures of the back of their credit cards and upload them?

This is very irresponsible imho.


around 64mm according the the oculus rift calibration cross… and unprofessional measurement in front of an mirror.

I Will not upload pictures of any side of an Credit card as it can be misused.

You might need to find another common object to use as reference… it could actually be an ruler hold at the same plane at the eyes are on the picture…


They will use a cedit card because of the magnetic strip, the card and strip are known sizes so they can be used to deduce your IPD but it’s a weird and irresposible method. They should say to use any card with a magnetic strip Except a credit card… The chances someone will use a non-standard sized card are very small.


Mine is somewhere around 58. I’ve measured it before and gotten 60, 59, 57. I tried measuring with a credit card and camera and got 59. Don’t know if the number was exactly 59 but I’m pretty sure my IPD falls around 57-59. On the Vive I get eye strain in certain games. There IPD adjustment only goes down to somewhere around 60.


you can use a lot of other cards that have the same size , you don’t need your bank card…
i have a card for the bus for example ect…

my ipd is 63. but i measured it in front of the mirror with a ruler.


I got IPD 31.5 for left eye and 33 for right eye. I may be late to ask this but is it possible to have IPD able to be set for each eye considering it may be not centered on the nose? In the Vive IPD adjustement, I always have either one eye blurry and the other one OK or both less blurry.


66mm measured by an optician, with an iPad :thinking:

But when I tryed a friend’s Rift, I need it to be set at ~70 to be comfort.

So :man_shrugging:


Mine is 65 near, 68 far - as measured by my optician on Monday.

At least I have a range for adjusting the headset appropriately when it finally arrives.


My optician measured that my IPD is 55mm. I hope I will be able to use the Pimax with this IPD


54.5 according to opticontacts website. Used my wifes credit card to be extra safe!


67.5mm, professionally measured by an optician.


67mm measured by optician


65mm measured last year by an optician when going for lasik surgery :slight_smile: So I’m pretty sure that’s really accurate.

Gotta agree the credit card method is a really bad suggestion.


63mm measured by my wife


65mm by optician…!!
What about the HMD range ?
Is that something can be adjust by hardware limitation or software. to final fix range to the consumers !!!

I mean can we choose now what range the HMD can offer !!!


I feel really bad for those with less than 60 as the vive can’t go less, so I kind of doubt it pimax can. Maybe I’m wrong though


Pimax Beschäftigungstherapie for backer…?

This topic makes no sense at all.
2015 maybe… but now?

(occupational therapy)


Would you care to expand on your statement? Why would a question for IPD be more suitable for a 2015 thread? Why would Pimax want to keep backers (and therefore themselves) non-sensically busy? In other words, would you please expand on your consipracy theory so it can be refuted as such and negate your statement’s baiting intent? Thanks bud.