What is your IPD?


71 measured by optician


would not recommend 1 for valid results.
tried it a couple of times with 2 different pictures (demo card, not real one) and results varied between 61 and 64 which seems to be a not tolerable margin. Ruler method got me 62,7. As already mentioned though, IPD adjustment on Vive has not that much of an impact than on Rift and cardboard devices. Got significantly better results in adjusting the strap moving the HMD up and down.
BTW. what if one eye is furher apart than the other? wouldn’t it be better to be able to tweak it “eyewise”? I could do that with the FIIT cardboard and got decent results.
AND :slight_smile: just beeing curious
how much does the foam affect the relation between measured IPD and ajustable parameters on HMD? Since I get a significantly better sweetspot on vive using 6mm foam I have the slight Feeling that it affects IPD Settings as well

optrician measured 66,5


Pimax need those numbers just to know what range should be for IPD adjustment, therefore accuracy is not an issue here. Regarding someone with not symmetrical face, to properly deal with it individual custom face cushion is needed. Something, that it is not possible in mass product.


Shouldn’t you have asked this six months ago?

And I’m at 64mm


70 mm - measured by an optician.


64mm, measured by an optician


About 70, measured by not an optician


regarding a non symmetrical face this would have been the best solution (picture below) but I don‘t think that it can be implemented on hardware basis for now

but there may be options to tweak it a little in software.
guess the main point of the survey is to see how many plp get below 60 or above 70. since for example voodoode is on 60 and the settings do not always correspond to the actual IPD 1:1 I think it would be nice to have a little more headroom. I’m between 61 and 64 should be safe then :slight_smile:



and i’m wondering how even on this simple question ppl can raise a debate.
It’s Pimax asking for it, they will have a good reason… period.

In case you are in doubt they know what they do you really shouldn’t have backed the company and product in first place, think about it…


It’s strange though. I would have thought Pimax would have asked this question months ago, last year even.


Mine is 60. Measured by my father last time I ordered new glasses from ZenniOptical


66,5 by oculist (R: 34, L: 32,5) I think asymmetry is no problem so long as there is room for manoeuvre at the nosegap

Maybe there are medical or optician stats for every country to find out the average ipd and the standardised normal distribution of this value. (@sweviver numbers done again :p)


62.4 per Optician. for new glasses.


No to be EXTRA safe, use an ex-wife’s credit card :wink:


Haha, yes… however, if I knew where she was and could do that I’d have other plans for that card! :smiley:


61 measured using mirror & ruler


Could simply be about best presets for western countries, or simplicity of the manual or options in manufacturing or debunking claims of beta testers or…


Between 64-65 as my Rift IPD setting tells me. Before the 8K arrives I will measure it properly at an opthamologist. But I guess I have a couple of months time for it.


Mine’s 58-59 according to what I use for the Oculus Rift


67, professionally measured.