What is your IPD?


67, measured using mirror & ruler


59.5 - Optometrist measured


66, measured in mirror with ruler.


IPD alternative meaning :

-International Paiement Data

Sry had to :joy:


55, credit card in picture


63,5 - 64 is mine. :sunglasses:


Hi - Mine is 60mm



I think is 62 with ruler


67 measured by optometrist


My IPD seems to be very small - I have the sharpest image @60,5mm in the vive. Cant reduce that IPD, so I dont know if its smaller


64 here as measure by spec-savers.


62-63 mm, from the optician measured.

In my case, i find the Gear vr IPD which is 62 mm ideal for me, no overlapping, no line in the middle of sight, better than the rift adjustment…


I use gear vr to and its perfect for me. I dont se nothing. For example the rift i see a vertical black line in midle and tried everything even change the ipd and the vertical line dont disappear. Lenovo explorer and vive works fine to. I am afraid pimax has this problem . Anyone knows why this hapens?


A little question: Probably the lenses are moving not straight horizontally, more bent to the position of the displays. As a result the ipd will change with the distance between eyes and lenses too. The nearer the face/eyes to the lenses the wider the position of the lenses to each others (=ipd setting). Difficult to explain.

In all other headsets the ipd isnt changing if you are nearer/wider to the lenses because the ipd is straight horizontally.


Mine is 68 from the optician


67-68 measured with ruler.


66 measured by my optometrist.


72mm , measured by an optician.


63.0 - 63.4 from 2 different eye checks at opticians


my ipd is 62,5