What is your most impressive experience demo with the new Pimax?



I love photo realism. That’s where I want to go with VR and that’s why I backed this Pimax.

My best experience with photo realism was with my Pimax 4K where a certain 180vr video looked exactly as if I was looking through a window at reality. Next came some scenes of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter that looked very life-like.

Now I have the Pimax 5K+ and an 8K on the way. The very best experience I got with my 5K+ was with some beefy supersampling looking at the rocks in The Lab demo ‘Cindercone’. That is as close to realism as I can expect from todays hardware really.

Can anyone recommend more realistic scenes for me to try?
Photogrammetry is always good


I thought this game was broken supersampling wise, so everything looks low res with the pimax…no? Pleaseeee tell me they found a fix for it???

Also, I made a thread couple weeks ago showing some insanely good looking experiences in vr. Here Best high quality vr videos and experiences you’ve experienced in the pimax?

And this Found some very photo-realistic looking experiences, try these on your pimax headsets!


The English Churchyard is a SteamVR environment you should take a look at.


Sorry, that was with my Pimax 4K. Haven’t played it with my 5K+ yet because I heard it wasn’t working properly

Also, I guess I should have searched the forum better. I thought I was up to speed with all the topics but guess not.


I edited my post again, added another link.

Also, I was SO excited to try out welcome to lightfields by google, but it was very low res…guess it wasn’t obvious when using it with the vive ://


Yea I was disappointed with lightfields as well. Much potential but shot for Vive res


Not completely broken but broken enough in areas like on screen text & memory bubble.


If it works Deus Ex demo looks good.


Hawaiian Beach environment looks pretty nice too.


And Tower Bridge Steam environment.


I only found out when I got my 5k+ that Steam Summer Pavilion has and extended version with flaming fire and water fall garden feature.


Google Earth VR

Titanic Honor and Glory Demo 3 VR

Unreal Paris

Toronto Condo

Unreal PT

Vr Home (Oculus Store)

Elite Dangerous


X-Plane 11

FlyInside Flight Simulator

Mission: ISS

Detached (Very Intense)

DiRT Rally

Project CARS 2

Assetto Corsa


Time Machine VR

The Climb

Everest VR

Robo Recall


NoLimits 2


Resident Evil 7 (vorpX)

Alien Isolation (MotherVR)

The Brookhaven Experiment

Big Breezy Boat

Furious Seas

New Retro Arcade Neon

Nvidia VR Funhouse


I just tried Aerofly fs2 with ORBX map of the Netherlands.
I am blown away! It was photoreallistic and sharp, so amazingly real i cant believe it.
Settings, pitool 1.0, 64Hz and smartsmoothing on, steamvr ss 40%, steamapp ss 200%
Ingame all settings on medium with Vulcan rendering.


I can’t get The Vanishing of Ethan Carter VR to run on Pimax.


Look at my early review.

If mem serves
Pitool at 0.75 or .50 (looks best)
FoV Small

Begining of game Words don’t coverge right. Dream sequence bubble split & text on pages doesn’t converge right.


I see ED is in your list and have difficulty setting it up right. Everything is shimmery and aliased. If i add supersampling in game i loose to much fps and smartsmoothing does not work. I don’t have this problem with other games.
My setup is 6600K OC to 4.8ghz and 1080 TI and DDR 4 3000. Is that enough you think?
Can you share your settings to set it up right?


Me too. Those jaggies piss me off but I can’t seem to get rid of them. I know my Pimax 4K had issues there too but was way better, maybe because of the pixel amount.


same here, it was much better on my 4k and lenovo. I will try some things and let you know if it works


Try Oculus version of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, it works and looks well.

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