What is your most impressive experience demo with the new Pimax?



Grrr… Have to look into that one. Are you running Occulus Ethan Carter on pimax?

If so what settings?


I use the oculus version and works like a charm.
I tried the steam version and it was very blurry


I had like 10 fps with nvidia vr funhouse, pitool at 1, and ss at 0.3 lol wtf? anyone else?


thanks trying things from another thread, it’s getting a bit better
pitool rendering at 2 app ss at 1


wait what? does the supersampling work well in that? it doesn’t look low res in normal FOV?


WHATTT, unreal. You a life saver, will try it this weekend


If able to cope with an 30 FPS or 60< FPS cap + the smallest FOV, the visuals can be increased to minimize the jaggies while avoiding slide-show perf.

My method:


PiTool on small FOV & lowest Rendering Quality
Smart Smoothing OFF
SteamVR Video - 100%

Elite Dangerous - Low preset
Elite Dangerous - MSAA 4x
Elite Dangerous - HMD Quality 2.0
fpsVR Application Resolution Adjustment - 250+
Elite Dangerous - Graphic settings adjusted until fpsVR shows GPU memory just below exhausted.

Still Waiting for PP to not reduce the visuals soo much…


It’s not photo realism, but on the Pimax it’s quite stunning. It’s free on Oculus store: Crow: The Legend.


Version 103.
I7 87k 1080ti 32ram.
5k+ normal fov. 64hz. Change the steam VR max resolution to 8192
Pitoll. 1.5. Steamvr ss. Anywhere between 30 and 60
In game hi to ultra settings with in game ss max out.

Smart smoothing and kicks in @32 frames per second
Fpsvr. Once I achieve highest settings and smooth 32 frames per second everything is butter and amazing no jagging’s

Aero fly 2. High and ultra. 1.4 in game ss. With above setting.

Project cars 2. Finally have this looking good and smooth.
Ultra car detail ultra track detail high environment ultra particle
Turned off the useless stuff for me Lens heat waves all that stuff and I also shut my mirrors off for a few extra frames per second
In game ss max 2.0 sreamvr ss 40. To 48.

I’m using the normal or wide on 64 Hz with great success on jacking up in game settings to max levels and super sampling on steam VR Set at least 4000 over 3000 Thank you smart smoothing and the 64
74. Hrz.

I’m working on other games to use the same formula 64hrz. Normal or wide. Fov. Max out all the important settings and in game super sampling too. pitool @ 1.5. Steamvr is brought down at the last calculation to get it to smooth 32 frames per second.

Hope this helps.


thanks man! i will try it, would never figure this combination out, and with refreshrate 64hz in pitools?
It’s getting a lot better now! now see if i can cap at 60 frames


I was using 74hrz. But the target FPS was 37.
So yes. No difference in my vision but get a few extra FPS with 64hrz.
Smart smooth and has made the difference amazing


yes luckely 64hz does not bother me, the screenflickering on my Lenovo was terrible at 60hz but its hardly noticable now. is smart smoothing working with ED? it won’t work here


I have read that smart smoothing is not working very well with ED I looking forward to playing it though
This is been my first VR headset and my first VR experience I have been reading on the forum for about six months to stay up on all the info. I’m really looking forward to getting my room set up for room scale games that’s the next fun time for me


oke maybe it will be better in future releases. ah so you don’t have lighthouses yet


some good quality 360* scenes in youtube vr like airpano stuff (& yoga vr )


I find all the 360 content on youtube, including videos marked 8K, to be disappointing in resolution


Some of the 8k stuff with the wide fov is worth a visit , not going to be photogrammetry quality though ,
You can take your own still 360’s with cardboard camera and view them on the pimax with a 360* viewer , fair resolution using this method


I can’t get run Doom 3 BFG, Adrift, Neo Arcade. I use old Pitool 0.91.


I think Pimax could deal with the low FPS strain issues by running the pimax HMD in an interlaced mode. The 80, 72, or 64 full frames interlaced would mean 160, 144, or 128 fields per second. Its worth a shot @PimaxUSA @xunshu


Glad this worked for you man, :slight_smile: