What is your most impressive experience demo with the new Pimax?



@jeroen Why should you use 64Hz with Aerofly FS2? I can run over 64FPS with everything max out except shadow. Pitool 1.25, SS 60, Normal View. Yes that’s on GTX 2080Ti, 9900K, but previously on GTX1080 and 4790K it’s not much less.


its because of the orbx map it’s much more demanding


Just received my pimax 5K Plus, but no time to check it but the build feels good.


I am using exactly the same Orbx map. :slight_smile:


sure you ran that specific map with 200% App SS on your old system max settings? If so what am i doing wrong?
It’s impossable to do here
My system is I5 6600K oc to 4.8ghz, 1080TI boostclock 1870ghz and DDR4 3000 16gb
And you say you get 64fps on your new system wich has MUCH higher specs, so i find it hard to believe your get near that with your old system
Another question if your hitting 64 Hz wouldn’t it make sense to run it on 64 Hz
I think youre just poking here :grinning:


Hey, are you not getting this kind of graphical issue with Ethan carter vr? This is using the oculus version from PITools https://www.reddit.com/r/Pimax/comments/ayjnjh/this_is_what_im_seeing_in_my_headset_when/

Can you please tell me what version of pitool you using?


Damn you guys are masters of going off topic xD

I was looking to get some useful tips based on the topic title, but 5 posts later it’s completely derailed lol


Unfortunately, ED suffers badly from aliasing. They use a “deferred renderer”, which makes lights fairly cheap (performance-wise), but that technique prevents standard antialiasing methods. Also, much of the artwork in ED consists of groups of thin, parallel pipes, vents, etc. which is a worse-case scenario for aliasing.

I was able to greatly reduce the problem in 2D by using in-game 2x supersampling along with 4x “dynamic super-resolution” in the nVidia driver. My framerate was in the single digits, but it looked great. :crazy_face:

Until we get 4080 GPUs, I think we will be stuck with aliasing in ED.

I have an 8K and I’m fairly happy (using an RTX 2080 GPU) with a mix ED settings on medium, high, and ultra, with Pimax quality on 2.0, and SteamVR on 20% SS.

Here are my current VR settings in ED:


ah didn’t know about the defered rendering and aliasing, its the only game i’m a bit dissapointed with, i think because i could crank things up more with my lenovo. your settings are higher then mine for now. i will try when i have my new rig, also try your wild dss setting :grinning: just to see how it can look on the 8k
Have you tried ingame overall and HMD SS? turned both up a bit to 1.25 it will help also


Yes, in-game SS=2 looks pretty good (I had Pimax quality at 1), but the text was a little fuzzy. Setting in-game SS=1 and Pimax quality at 2 provided the sharpest text of all the options I tried (keeping SteamVR SS=20%).


i hope i can reach 200 ss for this game(when the bottleneck is gone for my 1080ti) i think that will do it! How many fps are you getting with this settings?
Smartsmooting and maybe even foviated rendering would be awesome for ED


I have an i7 8700K (6 cores) at 4.88 GHz, 16 GB, and an overclocked RTX 2080. With Pimax quality at 2.0 and SteamVR at 20% and the ED setting in my post above, I get ~60 fps in space and 25-45 fps on a planet or in a station. Amazing, the game is playable. I’ve sacrificed framerate for a better image and especially for better text readability.

FFR seemed to reduce my framerate, I’m not sure why. I haven’t tried Smart Smoothing yet, but I will tonight. My concern is that it will add visual artifacts. The low framerate isn’t as bad as it sounds; while the game is slow, Pimax seems to update the frame position in 3D space more frequently, based on head tracking. The game isn’t jerky and seems responsive.


oke i will build my system today, nice to compare. yeah i would also go for the image, it gets more anoying with this game if it’s not right then buttersmooth framerate


Good quality 360 video’s in high resolution on Veer.tv , Just watched one 360 film called dreams of blue
it was as though I was there , good stuff ,


what’s “ORBX”?..




are they all 4k 3D or are some of them 2D?


3d some are better res than 4/5.7k