What’s your primary use of Pimax 8k?


Sounds an obvious question doesn’t it but each of us has different needs be it racing games, fps games, medical, productivity etc.

Personally I need High-res VR collaboration so I can liaise with clients around the world, show them my actual screen on a huge display and be able to chat to a team about changes to projects I work on. Currently you have subscription websites like http://frame.io/premiere or BigScreen that help you do this on monitors but VR can change that on a massive scale.

To do this effectively we would all need as high res VR display as possible, it needs to have a great colour gamut (my main projects these days are graphics based), it needs decent noise cancelling microphones and all our broadband needs to cope with the increased streaming demands. Roll on the Pimax 8K-X

So, what floats your boat?


The same thing vr always did, less symbolic interaction and more true interaction. That means roomscale vr, and moving away from low field of view hmd’s and low res screens to something acceptable. I see pimax’s goals for the 8k as the first acceptable vr. That’s not to say HTC Vive and rift weren’t incredible. But there always was a caveat. Why do I have binocular view, can you turn off the binocular effect? Is this game supposed to look like a crt television? Is there a wireless version? My gamepad’s wireless…
I can’t see my hands. Where’s my body?

(Slaps hand onto forehead)
All in due time thankfully.


I’ll be blowing **** up from inside the cockpit of my Federal Corvette, the ISD Dark Helmet :sunglasses:.

(Elite Dangerous for those not in to space shooty-tradey-piratey type games)


The first thing I am going to do is take a walk on Mars.


I am looking forward to my first flight in DCS :slight_smile:


My primary use will be flight and driving sims. Maybe some VR FPS like On Ward. from time to time but primary will be sims.


Elite Dangerous. I’m not even planning to buy VR controllers, since I doubt that I’ll play any other VR game.


Like many others have already said here, Elite Dangerous with the settings turned up as high as my machine will sustain.

Then I just need to get a catheter and colostomy bag and I should be all set…at least till my wife objects…


What controllers do you guys use in Elite? I played the original to death but not got the latest one.


I use the Saitek (now Logitech) X52 Pro. It’s pretty much the defacto standard for Elite as the in-game stick and throttle were based on it. It’s not cheap, but it works well. Personally I’d prefer the Thrustmaster Warthog, but as it lacks the twist axis on the stick I’d have to invest in pedals to control the roll in game (yes, I use the twist for roll, not yaw, I’m odd like that).


I’ll jump right into Project Cars 2 and Asseto Corsa for a good while, before trying anything else.


I will try first aircar then some videos on youtube VR.
And I keep a couple of games aside until 8k is out and I invest in a better graphic card, to get the best experience out of them (eg Lone echo).


Hoping for more Bigscreen Movie Showings (like the Top Gun showing they did a while ago). Watching movies at theater-quality in VR would be a dream come true.

(I’m also going to strap my friends into Paranormal Activity until they pee themselves out of fear).


For myself I go with the Logitech X-56 controllers. Between those and VoiceAttack i find that my keyboard is almost non-used in the game anymore, just for screenies and vids.


[quote=“D3Pixel, post:9, topic:5242”]
What controllers do you guys use in Elite?[/quote]
I use the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, which is a joystick with a built-in throttle and a goodly number of buttons. I use VoiceAttack for seldom-used actions that aren’t mapped to a button (like “deploy heatsink”). This joystick works well and is MUCH cheaper than a HOTAS. It also uses less desk-space.


Eleven table tennis, the thrill of the fight, Arizona sunshine, ED, X-Rebirth, Subnautica, TheBlu,Nature Treks VR

not necessarily in that order :grin:


Elite Dangerous
… period.

nothing else really, some more demos maybe, you’ll never know.


I just bought Subnautica and I am REALLY looking forward to trying it out with the 5K/8K. Visually amazing game!

Primary use: gaming :slight_smile:
Any kind of flight combat (ED, DCS, and hopefully Star Citizen)
Mech Warrior!
Survival Games!

Secondary: Cinema

I tell you one thing I’d love to do, have a piss up (drinking session) in Goldshire Inn with my mates, although that could result in the HMD getting broken :smiley:


Ah yeah, nice. You inspired me to rummage about and yup, I found something that might work. It is an old Speedlink Black Widow. Will have to get Elite now :smiley:


Subnautica is very good, just has a great feel to it, even on monitor.