What’s your primary use of Pimax 8k?


for the original one i used the Competition Pro mounted on a board to have it stable atop the lap.

For ED i have a full CH Products kit and an Obutto game seat…


[quote=“D3Pixel, post:19, topic:5242”]
Ah yeah, nice. You inspired me to rummage about and yup, I found something that might work. It is an old Speedlink Black Widow.[/quote]
Does that stick rotate around the z-axis? If not, you will lose yaw control (unless you use foot pedals instead). ED has 6 degrees of freedom and you need to control them all for a satisfactory experience.


Elite D, Project Cars 2, Aerofly FS2, Fallout 4.

And then of course an occasional movie, stuff like TheBlu.

For Elite D I have the heavenly TM Warthog, plus rudder pedals and a playseat - just feels so so massive, real. It‘s all about immersion, after all.
And if things work out, I might just add a FeelThree motion rig Kickstarter in March…


Flight sims such as DCS and Xplane


Bounty hunting in my Vulture
Exploring in my Diamondback Explorer
Mining/Hauling in my Anaconda
(Elite Dangerous)
Driving stuff in Project Cars 2
Might get Xplane 11 at some point…


So, Elite Dangerous is VERY popular lol


According to players who already have a VR headset, ED is one of the few “full games” which work well in VR. I was waiting for a high res headset to become available, before I took the plunge. The Pimax 8K was the first consumer headset which I felt would be “good enough”, so I became a backer. Even so, I might not have signed up, but there are a number of Pimax 4K owners that play ED who said it was a decent headset (after some initial problems were fixed). Most of those players signed up for the 8K which I took to be a very good sign.


Elite Dangerous here as well using Thrustmaster T1600, made even more fun as I am a 63 year old left handed person attempting to “fly” right handed.


I’m looking forward to being able to see people at a distance in onward. In windows and stuff.


rFactor 2 (race sim)


I will create video game with Unity!


All sorts of VR games: Elite Dangerous (on and off), Assetto Corsa, Dirt Rally, Rfactor 2. Fallout 4. Orbus VR, Doom VFR…
Loads of Titles really.


I’m flying DCS and ED. With realistic controls (in my case, Warthog throttle, VKB Gunfighter Pro stick with extention and Slaw Viper RX pedals, Gametrix JetSeat), one of the most realistic experiences you can get in VR. Sadly, resolution of current VR sets (I Have Oculus CV1) is insufficient, especially for modern birds with plenty of stuff to be read inside cockpit.Hopefully, soon it is going to change :slight_smile:


Simracing only…


Actually, that is a very good point, development. If the next gen Pimax is at the level I am hoping, I’ll definitely start development for it.

C++/C# and UE4


Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3d 4.x
Hifisim’s Active Sky and Cloud Art
Rex Studio’s Sky Force 3d
Various commercial airport sceneries from Orbx and others.
Ultimate Terrain mesh
More than 2TB of custom photoscenery down to 1/3m resolution


Combat flight sim IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad is what I play the most.


I used to play lots of racing games but just haven’t for the last few years, gonna jump back into those with VR, i just wish forza horizon 3 had VR. Also flight sims (including Elite dangerous like almost everyone else in the thread).
But honestly one of the things im most excited for is porn games, lol. Honey select VR, VR Kanojo, WSS etc.



Why always it is me who has to get people keep their feet on the ground ?
C’man people, let’s face the truth.
We are just kids who afford to buy more expensive toys.

I am literally amazed how deep went this topic without someone saying “porn” yet, other than in games. In movies.

  • Now the real thing: I’ve been experiencing Unity with VR cardboards and Gear VR from it’s inception, before even Oculus Rift CV1 existed ( I missed DK and DK2).
    Now I switched to Unreal , used it with Oculus Rift, Pimax 4K and now curious on better visuals which Pimax 8K promises.

So in summary : CREATIVITY. That’s the only purpose. Games and porn are just bonuses.

** though I kinda like sjefdeklerk’s idea to disassemble Pimax, but it is too hardcore for me, it’s been long time since I wrote my last machine code line, and anyway it was just for passing some shitty exam.


Where did sjefdeklerk’s say he was going to disassemble Pimax? As in a Tear Down? or reverse engineer the drivers? I can’t see it in this thread.

I can just imagine where Porn in VR will go lol.

Me: “Alexa, play my hard rock playlist”
Me: “Alexa, dance for me”
Me: “Alexa, take off your clothes”
screen goes blurry
Alexa says “For a subscription to the XXX pack please say “SUBSCRIBE” now”