What’s your primary use of Pimax 8k?


DCS of course! Maybe ED or SC.




DCS and i hope that it will be possible to interact with cockpit buttons with Leap Motion.
Outstanding DCS 2.5 video :


LOL. Western culture. It’s normal for people to torture and kill each other in Hollywood movies but showing a boob, no, that’s really NOT done, it might damage our youth!! LOL. It seems though that it’s different in China, seeing that on the Chinese version of the Pimax forums, the porn games are the most popular discussions by far, like:

http://bbs.pimaxvr.com/read.php?tid=616&fid=4 (note the 178 pages discussion LOL)

And man it’s getting worse and worse in western Culture. Now they’re removing the hot girls from the “Tour the france” winner’s stage and the Formula 1 racing, because sexy women, that’s really not done anymore in 2018. I sometimes wonder if all women will wear Burka’s in 10 years, culture certainly seems to move that way. The sexual revolution from the 80’s has died for sure.

I did a lot of hacking and custom modding for the Pimax 4k, my original main goal was to add 4k resolution to the Pimax 4k, but it turned out the panel didn’t support less than 60 hz so that was impossible. One of the threads: Firmware hacking / custom modding I did some other projects too, great fun, might do it again with the Pimax 8k.


sjefdeklerk in “Which were your first computers?”

“I get from this thread there are some oldtimers here who can program machine language? I’ve done quite some hacking/reverse engineering on the Pimax 4k, it was great fun, would be nice though to have more people join me next time (Pimax 8k)”

that is a notable statement since sjefdeklerk seems to be willing to share how tos regarding Pimax internals.


Have you watched the TV series “Altered Carbon” I reckon it will end up like that eventually.
If not, we could always move to China if things change beyond recognition in the west :slight_smile:


Awesome show. Another decent story check out hard sun


My partner has been watching Hard Sun, she is excited about tonight’s episode. I missed an early episode so we lost sync (due to Path of Exile) so will watch them all back to back one day. And on Sunday we have McMafia :slight_smile:


Haven’t checked out McMafia yet looks interesting. Hard Sun all episodes are out.


I loved Altered Carbon until the last episodes. His sister reminds me too much of my half-sisters. Except mine don’t want anything to do with me. Just do me harm in any way they can at a distance. So that lost me. I know evil bitches, and the one in that show wasn’t realistic to me.


Elite Dangerous almost exclusively for me - the rest of the “office” is getting feature complete whilst I’m waiting:


I hope most of what I am enjoying on the Rift will translate well enough to play. I expect to be restricted to DCS, BOS, PCar2, Assetto Corsa and a couple of things I can stand playing on my Xbox ctrl until I decide on hand controllers. Having been totally spoiled by Touch, it is going to need be a seriously good set of controllers to win me over before I decide. I share the lament of one of the video reviewers who stated his greatest fear was that Pimax would be so good and the controllers not good enough that he would be ruined for playing games requiring hand controllers on the Pimax.
Like all those who have urged Pimax not to rush this headset out before it is right, I also ask that they do the same with their controllers. We Rifters waited months for Touch and would do it again in a heartbeat. It was totally worth it.


At least you’re not going to be limited to Pimax controllers. Although at this current moment in time choice is limited (Vive v1 controllers and used with Vive v1 lighthouses). However at some point this year the Vive Pro v2 controllers will release which although current reports say there is no physical difference in design they will work with v2 lighthouses (the model Pimax will be supplying)

There is also the Valve knuckle controllers which have had dev versions in the wild and we’re all still waiting on some news of some form of final release assumed by Valve but maybe instead by other parties.

There is potential for other parties soon too, LG was another potential option, demonstrating a prototype last year so who knows if that is still on track to be something or shelved?? And who knows what else is on the way…

Main point being, even if Pimax release a good headset but some shoddy controllers there will still be other decent options.


Looks great! ED is fantastic in VR! However a good lift in resolution and FOV would be really helpful and can’t wait to play on the Pimax when received. I’m curious in that pic what the device is on the right hand side (bottom of pic)…


I know that in the US they have huge problems with nudity. But it’s completely different in Europe. I feel a little bit insulted when you talk about the “western culture” and treating it like it’s all the same…

I am located in the center of europe and I am also interested in porn … and games and creative experiences and elite dangerous … and porn.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


True that was why many migrated to the new world. To become more conservative.

As a result Europe had hippies & flower children 20 years prior to North America. :beers::joy::+1::sparkles:


Nah, it’s in Europe that they’re not even allowing hot girls anymore on the Formula 1 racing stage. It’s in Europe where they’re not allowing hot girls anymore at the tour the france winner stage. The whole world is getting more and more prudish. But I agree, the USA is even (way) worse. They call Las Vegas “sinner’s city”, LOL, for what, having having a girl in her panties sit on your lap? They’ve must never been to Amsterdam :slight_smile:


Racing games and elite are going to be fun on 8k.


I’m just waiting for somebody to cut up a tiny car and rig it for VR racing games :smiley:


Thanks spamenigma

The devices in order from front to back on the right are:
Touchscreen (Tinkerboard/Android)
Pressure sensitive (not movement) F16 FLCS (from an old Thrustmaster unit)
Trackball and buttons
Drinks chiller/heater (peltier device)

On the left are:

Button panel
another button panel with big buttons for things like HMD recenter)
An almost completely custom throttle (used the Thrustmaster Cougar TQS as a base)
Bass shaker amp/controls
Oculus Rift hanger

There’s more to come as my old Elite rudder pedals need replacing. I got frustrated many years ago with either the price or limitations of commercially available kit, so decided to design and build my own CNC router to cut things like the panels and the throttle arm. The addition of a 3D printer a year or so ago has only increased the flexibility of what can be achieved.

If you’re interested and PiMAX don’t mind the plug I have a small YouTube channel (who doesn’t these days) showing the build in a playlist (amongst other projects): https://www.youtube.com/user/CCWashout

Here’s the last video I made showing the HMD hanger: https://youtu.be/B2T5Uw0FLEU