What’s your primary use of Pimax 8k?


Original volkswagon beetle? Or save time & park a smart car in the. Livingroom lol


Exactly. Get a smart car (would prefer a beetle though) with bucket seats, take out the windscreen and put a curved widescreen monitor in its place, couple of smaller displays in the side windows. That’s for games without VR.

Program an analog to digital pcb and wire in the

  • Steering wheel
  • Accelerate and brake pedals
  • Handbrake
  • Gear stick

Wire the internal car speakers up to a sound card and put a huge woofer under the car frame.
Put the front wheels on something to allow them to turn with a little friction.

Probably be able do all that for £3k lol

Next project…A junkyard Spitfire body hanging from the garage ceiling with the supporting cables wired into pitch, roll etc…Ooooooh Proper flight sim goodness.


If your okay with an outdoor setup or garage setup. You could likely convert to a full motion sim by removing tires motor & mount motors to give 4 rocker points. Then use appropriate feedback stearing wheel. Just have to keep in mind it’s apt to costly to power lol


A ticket on the lottery should sort that!


I think that they remove hot girls from racing stage because it is a form of women’s objectisation. Not because of prudish.


You guys are so optimists.
I have a feeling that i am gonna spend eternity with DEBUGGING and OPTIMIZING hmd…


Well, you probably will then…


I would say my cup is half full, but…there is no cup.

This is the price we pay for pushing the boundary. The tech will be cutting edge in places but require technical tinkering (or good research) to get it to behave with current standards. For those that don’t want to tinker, there are existing products that have had all the kinks ironed out over the last several years (Vive/Rift).

I am a person that likes to live at the edge of tech and the cost, hair pulling and tinkering are all part of the fun :slight_smile:


Some say the cup is 1/2 full and some say it’s 1/2 empty. I just want to know who is drinking out of my cup.