What? The 8K is at stock at the vr store here in holland



I just got a e mail that the 8k is on stock in de vr store here in holland and i got get one if i want.


@Dallas.Hao i am still waiting here as a backer from the 8k,so whats going on?
You can contact the store that they can send me one… or even i can pick it up…

Also you have given me two emails where i must contact about my questions and my broken 5kplus,
Preorder@pimaxvr.com and support@pimaxvr.com but you guessed it… none of them responded…

Where does this pimax soap serie ends??
Its unbelievable…

Remaining 8K to 5K+ Backers Waiting Thread

It says delivery time 1-2 weeks though.
899€ for the 5k+ and 1299€ for 8k omg.


they sended an email that i can pick it up,yes the prices are nuts


They are using images with the hand tracker and basestations+controllers. Kinda misleading there.

But I also live in the Netherlands, have currently sent back my 5K+ for replacement and still waiting for a 8K to be ‘built’…


yes but you can get one now iver there…


It says pre-order, not stock.


call them.you can get one


899 euro to dollar is around 1.015$…damn.
But we know our country is ridiculous with the taxes.

En vooral de energiekosten.

Did you ask, is 1.0 or 2.0 version of the pimax.


didnt ask,is there a version 2?


The 8k has the older model that has more sde and distortion.


a 8k with diffrent SDE? afaik they only used one panel type
the 1.0/2.0 might be about lighthouse version?
both are supported by pimax but if valve ever delivers to oem’s like pimax then the backers will get 2.0 lighthouses


Well if there js a v2 8k. Guess there will be exchanges. But likely mistaken as it would be foolish to not give it a new model name.

Probably mixing up p1 & p2.

P1= 4k/B2/PRO
P2= 5k+/5kXR?/8k


Well they’re also “selling” controllers and basestations for 400€ total… claming 1-2 weeks delivery time. Some serious shenanigans going on with that shop.
And wtf is that with the 1300€ price for the 8K wtf? what kind of rip off is that?

Buying a 8K directly from Pimax will save you 500€ lol


With pimax you get the tax free shipping that takes a month vs them who presumably would have it in country.


sure yeah that’s like +21% taxes, but you don’t pay any delivery costs.
But even then, they still take a very hefty cut on top of that


Well on the understanding that they are the only retailer i’ve seen in Europe you can add monopoly tax to it.