What we really want in future VR headset products ? Let our voices be heard


Since we as consumers have the power to shape the products we want to buy, if only we are aware of it and we really want it, I propose to make a list of all the features that are most important to us, which we would like to see included in a future VR headset, be it Pimax or other brand, and send a clear message to the companies. (Not necessarily only Pimax)

Subsequently the various items could be collected into categories and start a poll, so as to emphasize the most desired characteristics of the readers in the forum.

Here are mine, listed in order of importance:

  1. Horizontal field of view >170 and decently wide vertical angle.

  2. New generation micro OLED display >5K resolution, up to 120Hz refresh rate and >850Ppi to almost nullify any SDE, possibly using curved UltraWide panel/s for a more natural view.

  3. High quality lenses, absolutely not plastic, even if this involves a reduction of the visual FOV initially planned.

  4. Software and drivers of high level and quality, 100% compatible with SteamVR and OpenVR.

  5. 100% compatibility with Vive base stations 2 and Vive controllers.

  6. Force feedback in Pimax controllers.

  7. Low headset weight, excellent internal passive ventilation, option to add forced ventilation, prescription lenses, iris tracking, easily replaceable and washable foam cushion.

  8. Possibility to opt for a version with Displayport (better quality at such high resolutions, possibility to use longer cables without loss of signal).

  9. Max price $650 , including controllers and 1 tracking station.

NOT interested in:

  • Wireless headset connection.

  • Integrated earphones.

That’s all for me, that comes in mind, you can copy or add yours.


Good points, with the currently announced device I’d say we’ll see such products by 2020.

As a non gamer, I’d rate

-> 2) resolution, the highest, as close to human vision as possible

We’ll hopepully get foveated rendering, the required GPU support, eye tracking and high res displays soon.


I agree with everything but the wireless headset connection
That’s one of the main reasons why it is not mainstream


And the integrated headphones.


I think we are just a bit to early, i mean with the new screen technologies / lenses evolution /eye tracking / wireless / varifocal and more, we will get all you stated and much more in about 1 to 2 years time.
The next few years looks very promising when we look on the GPU/CPU hardware side too, this is what i am really looking for.
Pimax will be a nice piece of equipment to have in the mean time and i also tend to think that we could even manage to upgrade it in some way.


Okay to make glass lenses will add weight & be more fragile & even if not fragile jump to camera lenses prices and ask if $650 is viable for just the headset 4get controllers & base station.

Reference HeroVR if which has top glass optics costs something like 5 to 7k weighs something like a kikogram. Lol

As for Vive bs v2? You mean Valve Base stations & Controllers that HTC will be making. This shouldn’t be a problem since reference designs used. As for the pimax driver it works fairly well in steam titles that don’t require motion controllers & room scale on the 4k. I don’t get into roomscale or motion controllers as the 4k/BE has no tracking or controllers directly integrated.

Headphones are detachable so your good. Untethering is an option so your good.

Micro oleds of course is moot as neither pimax headset would make sense to do that drastic a change in design unless you want what another year to wait. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: Just my thoughts & opinion - others will vary. Lol :joy:


surely this is a general discussions thread.


Not totally so…since it is 8K related too…

Ouch…Helio moved it, well…it will severely limit the scope of such a thread and how much Pimax observe it… (again…thinking at how people should make productive things, instead just talking…)


What do we want?!
“Time travel!”
When do we want it?!
“It’s irrelevant.”


i also put i back as its kind of on borders of both. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: