Whats best Pimax 4k Piplay & Firmware in 2019?



It seems like Pimax Team has abandoned Pimax 4k. So, I figure it’s best time to ask.

What’s the best Piplay & firmware for Pimax 4k and Nolo VR in 2019?



+1 Really would like to know this. Still 192?


Yeah, really disappointed in Pimax for not continuing with improving the 4K.
Shows what could happen with the 8K/5K system if they decide to change direction.

I’m still waiting for Pimax to release tracked controllers that work with the 4K.
Was lots of talk a while ago but nothing from Pimax for a long time.


Why not use latest version I just got my 4K last month. 4k is working with latest version except the black vertical lines issue. Should I downgrade to v192?


Pimax employee did post on this forum that Piplay is the official tool for Pimax 4k. Pitool was designed for the 5k+ and 8K. that does not mean that the 4k cannot work with Pitool, I actually use the 4k with .85 version of Pitool to leverage off the Giro Tracking and better colour balance as well as the fix to the giro drift you get on the 1.1.92 version.

but to say ‘what is the best’ is a challenge as each version of the software they release have pros and cons for the 4k.


Hello there,

i m want use my Pimax 4k, screen looks good, but what about controler,
nolovr is too oexpansive, do u know how get it not so expansive ??
i m french so to get it i have to paid 233 €

what the helll !!

so hope u can help

because he works with all VR apps, game, but missing controlleur and head support


Unfortunately I don’t use controllers with the 4k, I use hotas for my flight and space sim’s, and a wheel for driving sim’s. There are some very knowledgeable people on this forums and @Heliosurge would be able to help with ps move etc as the nolo controllers are not the only option.



i have the psmove i play with it, but i in can’t i have a big issue with head tracking not working, and the psmove are not in front of the headset, i can’t make it :cry:

but i like the pimax screen, so i think the only solution is the nolovr, but the price is too expansive.

i don"t know what i can do ?