Whats happened to SweViver



Whats happened to @SweViver , is he OK ?
Not seen or heard from in a wile, is he OK any one know ?


There’s not much for him tbh, VR for the past 4-5 years hasn’t got as much content as it should, he’s just about covered everything good about VR, and if he waits to review anything seriously good or ground breaking we’ll see a video like once a year from him, I think his work is done. Next vid will probably be on brainwarp since these are what we’re looking at, he’s been surprisingly quiet about this black dot issue though. :slight_smile:


Hopefully he’s okay & just taking a break. He’s a really good fellow.


With a bit of time I am sure pimax’s success will help give him loads of new content to cover.:beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Pimax’s success sadly doesn’t help VR tbh, let’s face it there’s no killer app, an absolute myriad of abandonware vaporware and early access that will never be finished has kind of tarnished VR as a whole I feel, in perspective I would guess like 99% of VR steam content is just crap…sweviver already looked at the remaining %1, it’s difficult to stay working when there’s really nothing else to look at. He’s covered all the bases as far as I can see. That is probably why he recently did a live stream asking for ideas :wink: I’m not happy about it just being realistic. maybe when we start getting pledge items he’ll perk up :slight_smile:


Interesting to hear Linus’ perspective on the state of VR


Lately he shouls just rename his channel to SwePimaxer. That is the only reason his content has slowed.
VR is niche enough without covering only one headset that is barely out yet.
He used to play games every day on rift and vive.


I wouldnt put too much stock in anything he has to say about vr. Its mostly hogwash.


There is a killer app. Tell that to anyone that has logged more than 100 hours into elite dangerous or any cockpit game.

I guess cockpit games dont appeal to everyone but it doesn’t change the fact that these games were meant for vr , and to me are the most impressive thing


I think he ran out of good games to play probably, I mean I have over 100 VR games in my steam library but I play one or two really the rest , well I feel like I was more supporting indy dev than buying actual games worth playing. I might be an unusual case however as I can see little fun in beat saber and some of the more popular VR games, I just like to sit down and drive or fly after a busy day, can’t be arsed to jump about, and I’ve all but given up looking at steam VR latest releases, I think we’ve hit a plateau tbh. I’m OK with that :slight_smile:
I’ve got like 4 thousand hrs in elite over 5 years lol


If you don’t know don’t say anything, here his list to do for next videos (very easy to see, just check last video) :


“If you don’t know don’t say anything” On the contrary thanks for that list it solidifies my points entirely, he’s rehashing old games he’s already reviewed and basically tinkering with the hardware, only 2 new titles there and we have no idea if they will be good or bad. He’s covering more hardware and fps issues these days because the games just aren’t there to make interesting videos imho. And he was actually asking for ideas in his livestream basically admitting he’s run out. So wasn’t exactly my opinion more of an astute observation.



The problem is Elite is good but it’s not new.

VR needs areas besides games being pushed. Like educational programs & productivity apps. Compare all the vr desktop aps & conferencing aps. Vr is more than games & needs all elements shown in the light to help greater adoption.


It is very difficult to put out consistent content. Need systems to ensure it keeps cranking.


Possyguset ask about sweviver not seen from a while and you said he already did everything so no new video maybe about brainwarp but that’s all, i’m happy to see there will be more content about pimax (even you through it’s light content) while i’m waiting my 5k+ to see tips for this headset, benchmarks, how games runs etc… i think it takes a lot of time to do everything he wants to do


As soon as average systems are capable enough VR will take over the whole seated sim genre.
It’s not the mega sellers but a everlasting part of PC and console gaming. For 1st person RPG it will have it’s part of the cake but stay minor.
The rest will stay niche for short excitements, gimmickal stuff…

So no need for special content, just enabled content that is coming anyway.

Sweviver ? With his recent engagement I would need a break too, he’s having family and a full time job, so…


I’m still looking forward to his new videos, I’m just saying it’s getting harder these days for VR youtubers, it’s been a few years now and we haven’t really got any further than Skyrim VR in many ways, so yeh he’ll likely be chatting about tweaks and hardware etc etc rather than doing straight up gameplay videos:) See sweviver does all these tweaking videos and then a new driver comes out or pimax change something and all his settings go up in flames it’s actually quite pointless, once brainwarp comes again he’ll be making videos of the same games again with brainwarp settings hehehehe :slight_smile: I do like him and enjoy his videos I just think it’s really hard being a VR youtuber because it’s a bit niche :wink:


You said well, i’m totally agree with that


The idea that he has stopped because VR is dying is beyond laughable.

He mentioned he wasn’t very well and that’s my guess for his current silence. I wish him all the best, good chap.


No I didn’t say he stopped because VR is dying, he’s slowed down because VR has reached a plateau “a state of little or no change following a period of activity or progress.” there’s a big difference.
I posted a link to him even asking for ideas, that’s not laughable really is it. Then shown how he is rehashing settings of games he’s already reviewed[and will do again]
There seems to be plenty of new devices but truthfully from what I’m seeing software wise it’s not moved on much from day one vive release.

Don’t believe me ? Simple open Steam goto the store and check the VR tab, now click what’s being experienced…5 of the top 10 games are from 2016 and one of them skyrim is an 8 yr old game. The top one is VR chat, a social experience is currently at the top.

select top selling and it’s a similar story, with fallout 4 a 4 year old game rolling in at number two.
Personally I see a problem with this. 90% of the steam VR store seem to be unfinished unity projects from students or total asset flips. This is not good for VR, and tbh it’s heyday seems to have been and gone. There was an air of excitement maybe 2-3 years ago about the possibilities. I think VR has not died but levelled out at a comfort zone, still very much for enthusiasts. Like I said in a previous comment I have over 100 VR games in my steam library but probably play 2 or 3 and they are all cockpit games.
VR could definitely be better than it is, and it will be, but it’s a bit stale at the moment imho.

It’s not just sweviver who has slowed down, I would say all the VR gaming channels have, the content just isn’t there so they just chat about new devices and what might happen. Early on we were getting lots of green screen gameplay videos…not so much these days.

here’s the best games of 2019 upcoming, I don’t think any of them look particularly good :confused:

also goto swe’s channel and look at the videos, click in order of oldest. He’s reviewed a shedload of games at the beginning he was doing a game every other day lol.