Whats happened to SweViver



Fair points about it plateauing. I was very vociferous about lack of decent content when I first got my Vive and I was reassured AAAs take 3 yrs to develop so just wait.

Since then there have been some AAAs, some ports, and so many other good games I’ve literally lost count of the games I’ve bought but not had time to try yet. I’m hoping the AAAs will start coming through more but yeah it is a bit annoying.

So yes I agree it isn’t taking off as quickly as we like, and this may be why vids have slowed down. Obviously there will be loads of vids around a new release, whch he did, but now that has settled there will be less. There will be ups and downs of activity of course but the future seems very bright with others apparently about to release wide FOV HMDs in the not too distant future. Whether we are in down at the moment or not doesn’t matter, I see a great future for VR and as I speak I literally have builders in my house tearing down walls to make my VR room bigger. That’s how much faith I have in it! :slight_smile:

I still think the main issue here is his health though as he mentioned poor health before.


Well I hope he’s OK and back soon :confused:
hahaha if you listen to fans of Star Citizen AAA games need 8 years and 300 million dollars to even just get a small start hahahah, seriously though I don’t think any AAA devs are actually taking VR that seriously, it just doesn’t have the market share to be worthy of the investment. I can see HMD’s replacing monitors for cockpit games though 100% I mean why would you have triple monitors instead of a Pimax, we have at least got to that point now, I’m not even sure I preferred the vive to triple monitors for racing games since you need to be able to see into the distance and the sde is just too bad :/.


Yeah I agree completely.

Vive for Elite didnt’ work for me.

Vive Pro does, it’s brilliant. I’m hoping Pimax will be good too.

Racing games are probably ok but I suffer horribly with the motion sickness so still use my triple screens for that.



Pimax 5k+ is absolutely stunning in Elite I’m sure you will love it. Small drawback is the deep blacks just don’t exist. i’m surprised elite doesn’t make you motion sick but racing games do.


tbh i haven’t played much Elite. But I guess the battles are every now and then and it’s mainly black around you. With project cars it’s constant action with a lot of visual info telling you which way you are turning. I tried PC for 5mins and had to sleep the whole day with awful nausea. Never again.

I have heard about these neck vibrator things that are meant to be good but I don’t know. I’d love to be able to train myself not to get this sickness.


I get a bit sweaty playing racing games I think but never gets to full blown nausea, I rekon it’s down to not keeping a totally smooth framerate maybe as well as more peripheral action, hopefully when motion smoothing comes out of beta this will improve dramatically :slight_smile:


I personally need Sketchup IN VR / AR so i can model my Custom Aracde Cabinet Builds and PVC rigs life size in VR.

I shocked that no one has done this yet.

Microsoft Maquette is close but not exactly sketchup


Awesome! I presume you have gone with 5k+ for the 1:1 pixel should be better for modeling.

They are using VR/AR for this in terms of construction trade. They were talking about this in the MJ grow sites & how some were bending down looking under tables. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:


It’s really starting to seem strange now how long we haven’t heard from Martin (sweviver) - really hope he’s OK.


Yeh I though he would have been back with FFR and motion smoothing videos hmmmmm


With the issues of the 20series gpu he might be down. Though he does have his 1070 laptop. So yeah hopefully he’s okay.


Getting a little worried about him. Adding him to my prayer list. Really hope he’s ok.


There’s burn out and not making Youtube videos and then there’s totally going AWOL. Sweviver has gone AWOL as he doesn’t even turn up here to give his opinion on anything new.

But let’s face it, for a long time he was the go to man for news on Pimax but now we have thousands of people with their headsets and he’s lost a lot of pulling power. I do miss his videos though he’s the best VR Youtuber in my opinion, I hope he’s doing well and wish him all the best.