Whats the ideal software/firmware? 12/19

As it is really hard and confusing to read through all Posts, i wanted to ask for the best solution in software and firmware to run the Pimax 4k.

How to get rid of ghosting as good as possible and a full field of view without these black blocks on the sides.

How to get the best possible experience with the 4k in December 2019?

@Enopho & @Century would likely has some good info.

As far as I know last firmware is 265 for the p4k. Latest pitool (197)might be good or might be 132.


I have a PiTool 180 now, firmware 265, works as usual (but I rarely use it actually).


The 180 made these black bars on the sides appear for me. I uninstalled it an installed 132, the black bars are allmost gone but Not 100%. How did you make it work without the baars?

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i use version 132 and firmware 265 - i found anything later than that i started to have weird visual glitches.



well, i tried 197 now…
there we go, black bars again :confused:
so i guess i have to uninstall everything again, reinstall 132 and live with the smaller kind of bars at the sides and the heavy ghosting :frowning: