What's the status on the less obstructive controller design without the large tracking ring Support comment?



Pimax shows off controller prototype at CES.

Pimax agreed to update the design of their controllers to offer the original design.

@Sean.Huang @Matthew.Xu
Why was there no original controller design shown at CES? Is the offering of the original controller design another instance of pimax lying and and there is only one model which will be sold which has the obnoxiously large tracking ring?


There is no lying the controller with the ring is just the evolution of the first shown prototypes.


Then why did @Sean.Huang indicate that pimax would update their controller design in response to my post where I suggested that pimax update their initial prototype and offer a similar design to the prototype without the obstructive ring?


Because they try to make every backer happy with a response and the response you got was just that they will update the design in the future not that they change it to your liking.

That said i also don`t think the ring is the best solution but if it works in the end i am fine with that.

Edit: this was my idea a few month ago how i would have done it.


Update = not promise they will change it, in my opinion.


Right, so you’re excusing a reply which is a lie and a misdirection if there is no plan to offer another design iteration, and you’re contradicting yourself by saying it’s not a lie if what you suggested is the case.
Exactly my point, the fact of the matter is it’s bad PR to say one thing and do another.
If the president of the company says something, there can be no miscommunication either.

There’s been no update in design yet, the current design iteration was already created when I made my suggestion. it’s not just me who thinks this, there are multiple people with the same comments on the youtube video I linked.


There have been whole threads because of the design of the controllers month ago you are not the only one who suggested a different design. Ultimately it is up to Pimax because it it their product and most people back then found the design good enough. At this late stage making a design overhaul is not only costly but also stupid because it delays everything even further back. And no i don’t make excuses for them just what i read out of the reply by Pimax to you.


I disagree, the president indicated that pimax would update their controller design.



tr.v. up·dat·ed , up·dat·ing , up·dates

1. To alter so as to be up to date: update a textbook; update the files.

2. To inform (someone) with the latest information.

n. (ŭp′dāt′)

1. Information that updates something or someone.

2. The act or an instance of bringing something or someone up to date.

3. An updated version of something.

To update, or to alter a design is to change it. But it’s totally silly that you would even argue the semantics of a definition which is so straight to the point like this.

Update implies change, especially in the context of a new controller design.

The whole point of this thread, is that the president of the company, not just any PR representative, indicated they would update the design of the controllers and there has been nothing shown to indicate that is happening. If there is no intention of doing so, then you can’t argue that it isn’t bad PR, a misdirection and a lie for Pimax to say otherwise. There should be no confusion about these matters if information is coming from the top of the company.


You can’t try to hold pimax accountable for bad PR or lying about shipping and then defend them for bad PR or lying in this instance.


Just saying a change or update in design could mean anything from a simple screw to a differently placed sensor or button, different battery…
I know it is semantics and not what you want to hear but technically there is no lie involved in the reply you got from them.


If that’s the case then it’s clear misdirection and dishonest PR, as the reply that was given was in direct response to my suggestion for a less obstructive design to be offered to consumers.

It could also be them saying yes to diffuse backers issues. as you suggested.
But the reply I was given was a direct reply to my question in context, by the president of the company nonetheless, so for such a misdirection or lie to happen is highly unprofessional if true.

It would raise doubts about the company’s integrity if so, due to the fact the information having came from the president of the company.


Controllers design was never confirmed and isnt finished till now. It’s up to pimax how they will look like and suggestions are always considered as ideas that can be accepted or denied.


Right, so that’s the point of this thread as the title mentions, to have a confirmation of the status on the updated controller design as was confirmed by pimax previously in the quote provided in the op.

Skynet highlighted that it is very late in the design phase to be making changes, which is why I canvassed the issue in the op that no new design iterations were shown at ces despite there being a confirmation that there would be in the future.

I would not have framed my post at the end on an accusatory note, putting to pimax if that statement was a lie, if that was not the case, and the fact there has been no mention or updates regarding this is the reason for this post to seek confirmation.


Promise no promise… the fact that such a large ring will not work is obvious. Large, wide, brittle headset and that huge controller = bad idea.


I even do smash my vive controllers against eachother a lot and they have no ring… go figure…


@mixedrealityTV has made several reviews on Arizona sunshine and Skyrim. Surely he would know that banging two controllers together is immersion shattering and unaviodable with such a controller design? It’s not like he’s never played a pistol game or a game with a bow.

For him to have made no criticism on that issue in his review of the pimax controller makes me think his review was a shill for pimax.


i wish they made a oculus touch replica,there is nothing better than that!

I do miss them alot ,

now i have a pimax and the vive wands(those are terrible).


Knuckles don’t work on Pimax and these controllers are going to bump into each other a lot.
@Sean.Huang @Matthew.Xu what’s the status of the updated original prototype controller design without the tracking ring which wraps around the wrists?


Well I am glad Seb is covering CES but he has his own interests and is wrong about a lot all the time. Subscriber numbers for his “very very good” channel are obviously most important … who would blame him.


So true ! :+1::+1::+1: