What's the status on the less obstructive controller design without the large tracking ring Support comment?



He said they were still working on it and thanked you for your suggestion, he never even implied that they would go back to the original design. You do realize they had reasons for the changes they made, right? They obviously tested that original design and it had problems, such as bad tracking.


Which is why I suggested they update and improve the original prototype design and make one without the obstructive ring, similar to knuckles tracking ring, which doesn’t have tracking issues. @Dallas.Hao


Okay I change.

update not equal promise.
When I save the new document without changing anything, may it change “update date”, but content is same.

In fact that is not a point, I think that they already forgot what they said. Or may they discuss with team and decide to make the old design because the development schedule or choose the better result.

We have to consider about other thing, such as inside-out tracking module, although the old design can work well with base sation, not mean it work well with inside-out tracking module.

We can see that all windows mixed reality has the big ring too.

I think valve knuckle will be another option if we don’t like pimax controller.


Mmm we already have cracked HMD`s this RING is not going to help.


What makes you say that?





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Sadly, even with dongles it doesn’t work. My experiences:

Knuckles directly to Pimax headset: Both controllers are registered as the same controller - results in rapid flickering of a single wand controller between two locations in VR.

Knuckles via dongles: Each controller registered independently but only as wands - traditional VR experiences work (with the wrong model displayed) but Knuckles specific ones don’t.



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Same for me, even with dongles and allow multiple drivers set, pimax seems to be injecting something to make any controllers appear as "PVR_Tracking_Controller[0/1]"._

I’m sure there will be a workaround.



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Doesn’t work so far, pitool seems to make every controller emulate a vive controller and all the emulation doesn’t even work (can’t do touchpad click)."

As far as i’m aware valve is not selling knuckles as a standalone controller, they will likely wait to sell it along with their HMD that’s in the works


Dammed i would have hoped the knuckles worked on the pimax…


Could not agree less. They will absolutely sell them in any and all SKUs because their goal is dispersion and marekt share, not profit on hardware.

And yes, with the current beta state of PiTool, there is still some fuckery going on with hand models and controller detection. This is also based on the fact that knuckles themselves haven’t exited their beta and hence there are some issues. I’m sure those will be taken care of very quickly, particularly after we have been made aware of the close collaboration between Pimax and Valve.

Of course they will eventually be as supported as the Vive wands are, controller models and all.


why is anyone complaining about these superbly ergonomic controllers. The tracking ring drifts back at the sides and pivots around the wrist , this is literally a better controller than the knuckles.


You’re under the assumption that Valve will make the same decisions that HTC did in terms of how they decide to distribute their products. I’ve heard that they plan to sell them in a kit together and not as a standalone but only time will tell.


Because the tracking rings on the controller come too far out on the inside part of the hand which will cause the tracking rings to bump into each other, when using guns or a bow in vr, which is immersion shattering. It’s inevitable, with that design.


how the hell are you holding your bows/ guns.


Directly in front of me when using pistols and hands are close together when drawing a bow, using a two handed sword.


Of course the knuckles will work on the pimax.


How do u know for sure? they don’t work at the moment, not for pimax. they just work in steam.


Steam settings are disabled when using pimax.


What do you mean how do I know for sure? Do you think they are going to release a steamvr headset where steamvr controllers don’t work?

It’s obviously just the drivers that are not ready for a controller pimax hasn’t tested because who knows when it’s going to be released.

What are you talking about steam settings are disabled?


It works outside of pitool software already, thats my point. in order for it to work in pitool pimax is going to have to code for it to work, that’s even more work for them to do.


only time will tell

Not only time will tell, logical thinking does help as well.

Knuckles don’t work with Pimax

It’s a DV device working with a DV device on two seperate betas. Of course they will work together within SteamVR

You’re under the assumption that Valve will make the same decisions that HTC did in terms of how they decide to distribute their products

Absolutely not, in fact I have explicitly stated that Valve is operating on exactly the opposite assumption. Their business model is market share based and hence they profit from standard proliferation.


So it will work then