What's the status on the less obstructive controller design without the large tracking ring Support comment?



Not without independent coding support from pimax to make it work in pitool, which valve engineers won’t do.


Controllers are tracked in Pitool software when using pimax headsets.


I give up, I guess pimax lost the source code to pitool and are stuck with making minor edits in a hex editor.


I’d like for knuckles to work for pimax, but it will require the pimax to alter their code in pitool to make it work. They should still offer a controller design without an obstructive ring around the wrist similar to their first prototype and the knuckles design though @Doman.Chen @Alan.sun @Matthew.Xu @Dallas.Hao


To add support for the new controllers

  1. open TFS or Wechat or whatever they use for source control down there
  2. edit the files
  3. check in.

Do you honestly think that they for zero reason against all logical thought wouldn’t put in a minor amount of work to support steamvr controllers, which they already do btw and are going to add more of?


I dunno about that… knuckles are a different kind of controller tracking the fingers too, it might not be as simple as you think otherwise i’m sure someone else who has the knuckles EV3 controllers and a new pimax headset would have come up with a solution already and posted it on reddit.


There is absolutely nothing different about the knuckles controller, it just has more axes.


Well if it were as simple as you say and the coding is only a couple lines, then i’m sure many of the testers who posted in the reddit thread I linked above in the thread would have come up with that solution.


The people in the reddit thread have access to the pitool source?


I’m not sure. from 3 testers observations though, Pitool emulates every controller as a vive wand. Also, when knuckles are paired to it, it treats both controllers as one, which then flickers from the left hand to the right hand.


Yeah, so emulate it as the knuckle controller instead then, like it’s not rocket science.


And you think that’s a heaps simple task do you?


I think the Pimax controllers are goin to be awesome, much closer to touch than wands.
I agree though that the rings have headroom to be improved in order to limit the possibility of coalision. But you have the problem with every existing controller, so it’s something where Pimax could take the opportunity to really shine.


Yes, as they have already implemented it in code I’d say making the same implementation both for the knuckles and their own controller would be trivial.


How do you even know that? I’m assuming you’re a programmer cause of your name? if you’re so sure then go and modify the firmware and config files in the pitool software folders and let us know how you go.


I’m quite certain that pimax engineers are both competent and can handle this task perfectly fine themselves without external consultancy.


Well, they haven’t yet, and they’ve had ample time to request a EV1, EV2 or EV3 controller for testing, so I think it’s your time to shine and help them out. Post it on the forums and on reddit when you finish so someone with knuckles can test it.


@IrregularProgramming if its just a few lines of code i’m sure you could knock it out in like five minutes right? or are you not really a programmer??


You have been way out of line right from your OP and your passive aggressive communication isn’t exactly doing wonders for you.

It appears you do not even understand the basics of what a source code means, otherwise you woulnd’t be berating @IrregularProgramming with somewhat silly requests (hint: you need access to source code if you don’t want to de and recompile the whole thing which would be pointless, access which @IrregularProgramming most likely doesn’t have as it’s Pimax’s IP)

Knuckles will be sold by themselves as well as maybe in a bundle (if there ever will be a Valve HMD) and they will work with all SteamVR capable HMDs, including the Pimax 5K+ and 8K.


Way out of line from the op? In what way? Passive aggressive communication how? Confronting and to the point, yeah for sure.

If you think asking questions and seeking confirmation from pimax and others is passive aggressive then get your facts straight, it’s not. I didn’t intend for my posts to come off that way either and none of them were written in any aggressive tone, that’s just your projection and misinterpretation.