Whats up with the preorders?



Lucky I’m still waiting if any signs of life. Around what pre order number are you?




I’m number P121xxx from October 31st.


You a little ahead of me but not by much.


Just got today the email from DPD. Location Germany P121xxx. Ordered 30th october.


As I can see today’s reactions it seems that european pre-orders are being dispatched.
Maybe tomorrow is your turn, I hope so!


my timeline:

•Oct. 27 (from Germany): Ordered 5K+ and 2 Lighthouses and 2 handcontrollers (P118X)
•sometime in between: specified the kind of the 2 handcontrollers
•until now: nothing (Fulfillment Status:Unfulfilled)

nothing, no mail, nothing…
in 4 weeks, I think, I’ll cancel…


I ordered the same time that you did I asked to cancel my order a couple of days ago contacted PayPal also my bank Dallas sent me an email this morning stating my headset was sent out and will get tracking number later that is the same generic statement that I was getting 3 weeks ago I just had enough I just want my money back.


Glad to see orders coming through!

Oct 30th P121xxx UK and no info yet, but sounds like it should be soon…



It would be very helpful to get an official statement on the shipments-status of the last bakers and pre-orderers! No Information is quite not helpful at all!

In my order there are hand-controllers and base-stations too. Will I get the headset before the other parts are ready or at least as the last jedi? I hope you will send the Headset to me as soon as possible and the other parts of the order later one…!


Update: Really psyched now!! After contacting Dallas on PM and confirming my address (4th of March) I received tracking information today, it has left UK and will be arriving next week…wow, didn’t expect that actually ! Crossing everything I’ve got that I’ll be receiving a good unit !!



Here goes the preorder container :wink: just kidding!
P128x coming tomorrow
DPD UK, Pimax sent emails in time for shipping (from EU warehouse) that part is getting much more controlled than for backers! Credits to Pimax!
and French post service making it even faster : was scheduled Thursday, will arrive tomorrow :slight_smile:


Preorder P115X ordered 10/26. I’ve confirmed my address in the US but haven’t heard anything since then.


Any UK pre-orders who have received tracking / headsets? If so, when did you order?

I’m interested to know if there are any general UK to UK delays going on, thx


Just got this PM from Dallas.Hao saying.
“Your order is ready to be delivered, we will deliver your package after your headset arrived at oversea warehouse“.
Is that saying they are ready to ship overseas or it has been shipped over seas already.


@Dallas.Hao : why all these secret private messages? Could we have a public official response as to why our support requests, emails to preorder@, and tickets are going un-answered? please see SUPEN-2517 which was closed without resolution and SUPEN-2709 which is crickets.

All these threads are looking really bad on google for your new potential customers.


Responce today stating they are relooking at payment but they recived payment months ago. Allot of excuses!


Please hire someone that can offer support to Each region? This is by far the worst experience I have ever had placing an order and receiving progress updates. @pimax @PimaxUSA @Dallas.Hao what is really going on?


The shipment I think he is alluding to did arrive and was passing through customs. Shipments are now arriving in much smaller intervals now as well. In the last couple of weeks alone two shipments arrived and an additional one is on the way (one to the FF warehouse and one to the service center).


Also got this email today from you guys.
“I’m so sorry for the delayed reply.
The headset is on the way to the overseas warehouse,we’ll deliver it to you as quick as we can after the arrival.Pls wait patiently and appreciate for your kindness.
Many shanks for your support and Have a good day!”