Whats up with the preorders?



We do have a new US office but very limited capacity at the moment. We are assisting on a fair amount of tasks at this point and new people are being added but training and other aspects take some time.


Hello @PimaxUSA , I preordered back in October P12XX, but haven’t been able to get a single update. Since February, I’ve sent several emails to preorder and support, but like everyone, have been constantly ignored.

I opened a ticket Feb 28, was ignored for 14 days, until finally a response instructing me to contact the same email addresses that have already ignored me…

There is a serious lack of consideration for preorder customers. I agree backers should be addressed first, but Pimax created this situation at no fault to the customer. You announced preorders, indicated ~90 day delivery window, took everybody’s money, then ghosted them all.

Really just trying to cancel my order and get a refund at this point. You all had no problem taking full payment and promising a 90 day preorder delivery window, but refuse to provide a morsel of reasonable customer support.

I’m posting in this thread, because it’s the last option I can think off. I was going to PM you this, but there is no option for that either. My patience is completely gone.

Edit: to clarify, I already asked for a refund several days ago from all three emails, but have predictably been ignored.


What kind of training takes months to train employees to answer questions about customers orders online? Give accurate time frames, support, provide information and attend to the market. I am completly confused on this!


Yeah something isn’t right here. Either it’s incompetence, attempting to grow too quickly, not caring about customers, needing to fund backer orders with preorders, or something else. Either way, they’ve got $750 from me and who knows how much from the other preorders and I’ll be honestly surprised if a real resolution and honesty is ever given. Next step is filing fraud report with my CC and their payment provider I guess if no refund is given :frowning: but ultimately I’d rather simply have what was promised. We as customers held up our end of the bargain and have been uncommonly patient.


Here’s an email I got a month after my original order asking people to buy more. Notice the 90 day promise, which was there in October. 90 day window here has long since passed. Also, laughably they started giving out coupons after the first batch of people already preordered, which doesn’t seem fair considering we’re funding a company without anything in return right now.


Yeah i wish their super fast get yo money system complimented the delivery system lol U_U. In all the years and all the stuff I’ve purchased online, I’ve never seen a payment process sooo fast. The second I hit purchase I got a potential fraud verification email from my Bank. i was shocked, unfortunately due to the communication drop off I myself as of This past Tuesday have filed fraud with my Bank. Would of rather not and would of rather have a shipping choice.


For those talking about Paypal disputes…you’ve already lost your money if it fails to show. Check the “20 days” stipulation.



So max 20 days delivery time.
Does it have to take it longer to ship from a to b, then 20 days?
So… you have to take immediate action when you’re on the 19th day.
God… much pressure.

♪ Under Pressure ♩
♩ Queen, David Bowie ♪


Crazy… my order (P118X) has the state ‘unfulfilled’ since 27th Oktober until now. But it seems to be, this state was meant to the shipping adress. A telefone number wasn’t part of the shipping adress…. WHAT?! Why there was never an E-Mail to asking for? Why I’ve had open a ticket? And for what you need a telefone number (as an optional part of the account data)??

Oh well - I can’t edit the shipping adress of my order directly… I’ve to wait until a support employee of pimax validates my adress now…

…still waiting…

it is frustrating…


Still ‘Unfulfilled’ here too, from 30th Oct.

I never had an address issue and a week ago @Dallas.Hao confirmed my address was valid and the order was being arranged with shipping.

I added my telephone number recently just in case :slight_smile: But others talked about being asked to supply a ‘Region’ field, which was not asked in the first place, and I can’t find any way to add it. So, unless someone at Pimax asks me, I cannot add it - and I just hope it’s not causing a delay which I can’t get information about, or fix even if I could!

It might depend on the country and requirements of the delivery company, so I can’t say it is definitely required.


It’s probably the address 2 field which is used for region.


Yep possibly. I have always had the ‘address 2’ field filled out as I would do for any other delivery, so not aware of any problem.

I just have no idea why it would take weeks for the UK freight forwarder to ship to a UK address when there are no known blockers. I’m in London, not a remote island :smile:


I understand the frustration… :grin:

I also told them that I was absolutely sure that the details I had provided would work. Not the first time I get a package delivered… :nerd_face:


I left address 2 blank
I thought it was for in case ‘‘you’re not at home then the neighbors might receive it’’
But then it was not possible for me, because i have to pay clearance charges.
I hope it’s good enough.


If there was a known problem, then at least I could try and fix it. But there’s apparently no problem…just no headset either :wink:

You’re still waiting for yours then, or do you have it? You got a DPD update if I remember right?

Also just seen the update about all pre-orders arriving by March 25th. Guess we’ll see!


I got it last Thursday and it’s worth the wait… :metal::nerd_face:


Excellent glad to hear you’re enjoying it! :partying_face:

Any day now, I’ll just keep telling myself that (rocks back and forth manically on chair at the same time)…


You can edit the address though? It’s just additional details about your own address.

I added my telephone number by going to https://pimaxvr.com/account/, logging in, then ‘View Address’ (bottom left), and then ‘Edit’ under the address (bottom left).


That won’t matter it’s stuck in bailing address and shipping.
But i typed my address 1, it shows directly my house.
I think that address 2 is in case when it does not shows properly on google maps.

Since i’m living in a small county a Region field is not needed.
But just in case is just filled my Region on address 2 a min ago.


OK, fingers crossed. The 25th is next Monday so let’s see if we get our headsets by then as Dallas is promising :pray:


You won’t receive it on the 25th. They promised to “ship” them out by the 25th and indicated in another thread there’s an additional 14-18 day waiting period after that. Sounds like best case scenario is it arrives end of April :face_with_raised_eyebrow: