Whats up with the preorders?



How do you check on the status of an order?

I made the order, but made an account after the fact so it isn’t linked.

Is there a new list some where??


The pre-ordered eagle has landed :smiley: No fuzz getting it to work out of the box either. Updated all drivers and the thing was plug and play. I was starting to lower my expectations due to recent reviews going on about heavy distortions and faulty units, but boy was I wrong ! Yes, there is more SDE than my OD+. No, the blacks are not great, but other than that, this HMD blows my OD+ out of any water! The image clarity and FOV is simply mind blowing. Distortions are there, but they do not bother me at all, some compression\blurriness on the far edges only (tbh, so did my OD+). Havent detected any HW related issues yet, couldnt be happier =D

Thanks Pimax !


You’re right, I read it again. Will have to see then. But seeing as others who ordered on the same day have had theirs for a week or so now, I am still hopeful that it could be days away and not another month :smiley:


You should be able to log in to the Pimax site / store here, and check your status: https://pimaxvr.com/account

I had some trouble with access but got the Pimax pre-order support team to fix it via email request to them


The problem is like I stated was I ordered first than registered afterwards. So there is no order linked to my account at the moment.

I can only go by the text message confirmation on when it will be updated. :frowning:



If pimax does not react to my e-mails to the preorder@pimaxvr.com mailadress in about one week, I will cancel the whole thing. I’ll only a reaction and help from support because of the unfulfilled-status of my order (P118X).

I’m fed up!


Ask mozi he might put some light into this situation.



Mozi gave me a specific answer fast, so he’s the one for you to talk to. He found out for me, despite no official email, and Dallas and Preorders saying otherwise, that there was an address issue.

He fixed it and also confirmed that my headset is being shipped to the UK warehouse


Sure, understood. Then you need to ask Mozi as well :wink:



Can you provide any info on my US order? P115X placed Oct 26. I haven’t heard anything and it seems like people who ordered after me have already received theirs.


Pimax is a scam, you cant let your costumers wait for that long without giving ANY INFORMATION


No just late on deliveries. Please wait for response & please don’t spam the forums.


I want to make shure that everyone see what i am saying, at least to put a little more pressure on them from another people


Don’t think you will find that tactic works well. People will see you issue without needing to spam the forum. There are many members here whom help to flag the appropiate ppl to help pimax team to notice posts. Much like me adding Mozi to your topic.


I don’t see how you think pimax is a scam. They have been pretty good about responding to my questions about my order status. It’s always a good idea to research a company and you would probably understand that they are a smaller company and will take time to produce these HMDs along with their shipping issues.


@mozi can you please give me an update about my order status? I asked for it in PRE-1546 but all I got was an “We’re confirming your shipping address before in order to ensure that the package can arrive at your delivery address smoothly.” reply which is very unsatisfying after waiting for a week for an answer.



Do you can help me and correct my ‘unfulfilled’ shipping adress of order P1188 from Oct 27th? I’ve added all necessary data at my account-data. I’ve wrote now some e-mails to preorder@pimaxvr.com because of this - but nothing happened… still Nothing.

At the end of this week - if still Nothing is doing - I’ll cancel my order and want to get my 1160$ back.


Hi, I will check and feedback you tomorrow.



My help ticket was PRE-1313. Can you provide any kind of info on my order P1159 placed Oct 26?


Thank you @mozi for managing the shipment process and sending me some new informations!