Whats up with the preorders?



Hi you ever changed you order to basestation and controllers,right? These modules still need some more time.


Tracking number


Hi @mozi - I am looking for an update on my order:
ORDER P124310
Thank you!


I thought so and that’s ok for me.



Preorder 123393 Just received shipping info. Be here on Monday! Can’t wait!


Great news!

Can you tell me please what the check your order status says?


Is it according to your Info? I was just wondering because my parcel is frozen in shanghai.

Thx a lot.


It actually never worked for me. Always said “order not found”. I received a text message saying it had shipped from HK. Coming DHL Express. Went to DHL and put the tracking and it shows up as shipped on Friday there time.


Said Vr glasses in the description


There’s hope for everyone still waiting. Patience is the key I guess lol. It will happen


On the order tracker make sure you put P in front of your order number for it to work.


Thanks a lot anyway :slightly_smiling_face: i guess youre right.


New system seems to be working, I received an update in the DPD app that they are expecting my parcel and a tracking number, but I also received an email from them with a delivery date.

The Pimax pages haven’t updated yet, but I can live with that :smiley:


Received my headset today in US :grin:


When I placed my preorder, it said it came with a free game and some lens adapter for prescription lenses. What’s the situation with those two things?



Lens adapter has not been released yet. Added mozi to your post.

Which headset did you receive?


I got the 5K+. I’m not in any rush for the lens adapter. I was just expecting to see some kind of card in the box that said how to redeem the free game.

I remember they were advertising that Hellblade game when they advertised preorders.


Hellblade is a beefy game but with tweaking can be enjoyable on a 1080ti but should have a stronger card overall as base rec for gen1 headsets is a 1080.


Order number. Mines been on it’s way from overseas for about 9 days I think.


@mozi Hy can u give me an update to my order P123623. The new checking systhem says that there is no update since the day i have ordered on 6th feb. 2019
thank you :slight_smile:


How long does it take for the Pimax to arrive in Shanghai? Mine is stuck since the 25th in the status Shipped out from factory.