Whats up with the preorders?



I am not sure if this page does updates. Mine is stuck since the 25th in shanghai. But i would guess its a programm fault.


Same for me, it never changed since this new feature for checking status


No new update since 25th too


My 5k+ arrives in a few hours. Happy to say that the Pimax and DPD tracking systems seem to be joined up now, I’ve received updates on both systems a few times over the weekend.

I would just say that I was told by pre-orders and Dallas that there were no problems with my address, but when Mozi checked recently, he found that in fact there was an issue - and possibly that the entire shipping address was missing, because the original system only registered my billing address and potentially didn’t apply it as a shipping address also.

As soon as he updated that, everything started to update fast and the unit was shipped from Shanghai just over a week ago. Therefore it stayed in the UK freight forwarder for hardly any time at all before DPD picked it up.


You are lucky

My phone number isn’t the good one, i tried to update it but it doesn’t change on the tracking system…


Right OK. I didn’t include my phone number on the original order (I don’t think I was asked for it), but I manually edited my address a month ago at https://pimaxvr.com/account/addresses and added it. I also added the DPD app to my mobile on the same number so I’m receiving updates directly from them and not just Pimax.

Then, when Mozi checked and told me I needed to confirm my delivery address, I also included my phone number again so it went on the delivery address too. Note that I never received any email from Pimax that it was necessary, and even when I decided to ask myself, Preorders and Dallas told me no action needed :wink:

Mozi also told me that UK pre-orders will take some additional time over EU pre-orders because of ‘adaptor specifications’ - I assume this to mean they need to swap the adaptors out for UK ones.

I appreciate this still might not help everyone, but after no word for a while and some chasing, it was lack of delivery address that was holding the unit up in Shanghai - so if you’re still waiting, get this checked and confirmed, and include full shipping details including telephone number regardless of what you supplied on the billing for the order - all of it might be missing for shipping, and the unit doesn’t leave Shanghai until that’s fixed.


@Heliosurge 5k+ UK pre-order received if you wish to record it. Now I have to try and concentrate on work for the afternoon :smile:


Lucky. Hopefully mine will be here this week.


Lucky is relative I guess, I ordered back in October and people who ordered at the same time and after me received theirs some weeks before.

But I now put this down to a shipping address issue that wasn’t picked up until Mozi stepped in. All smooth after that was fixed.

Anyway, on to the next steps, there’s a lot to be done for comfort and performance once it’s your hands, prepare in advance. Like many people I found the foam cover too thin, which makes it both uncomfortable (eyes / glasses too close to the lenses) and also causes lens issues like watery reflections / distortions on your peripheral vision. Have an additional cover ready if possible, but be ready to get a new one if you need something thicker or thinner - all depends on you.

Fortunately I bought some double sided velcro and a lighthouse in advance, and already had a WMR headset cover so I could rig something together. Still not perfect, but it’s usable. Oh and I need a new PC :smile:


i feel like they should include something about this with the headset. this can be such a significant issue that it would be nice to know about this before using the headset the first time. it’s such a non-issue with OG Vive that having to deal with it with the PiMax doesn’t make sense at first.



what is the situation with the free game that was advertised with pre-orders (at least it was in October)?


Yeah, right now it’s very much a device for enthusiasts. But they are actively working on bringing out new straps, facepads etc to address this. No doubt it would have been much better if they were available at the start, but as Kevin said in an interview with Sebastian from MRTV, both hardware and software are being iterated constantly until they reach the point that the 8KX can be launched as a proper flagship where every aspect is of a high standard, and it’s an appealing unit for anyone interested in high end VR. They’re not there yet (and let’s not even start about the early logistics), but I believe they’ll achieve it over the course of this year.

Even with the HP Reverb and Valve Index, they’re not offering the combination of wide FOV and high res, even if they appeal in their own right. The only rival I know of right now is the forthcoming XTAL consumer version, and that’s 1-2 years away and will probably cost more. The specs haven’t even been decided yet. That gives Pimax time to establish themselves in the market.


Well, the order/shipping status is now “Shipped out from Shanghai” since 12days now… It seems to be another fake state… @mozi

It seems to be faster by ordering such a headset at a local dealer in germany.


The status checker released on March 25th right ?
Well this day my status was “shipped from factory”, after 2 whole weeks, my status only updated to arrived in shanghai.
Order made on january 18th


I ordered mine in November, The tracking site that Pimax has set up showed that my HMD has left Shanghai over 2 weeks ago. still no sign of it in Hong Kong. I think this tracking site is another piece of bullshit they are using to stall for time. I’m no longer taking any notice. It might arrive one day. Never getting anything from Pimax again. I can handle waiting but can’t handle the BULLSHIT.


Thats TRUE! It is Bullshit!

If I now register in certain game forums, how many defective PIMAX headsets or defective cables from headsets have been delivered by PIMAX in recent times. Partly loose audio jacks. Then I wonder if I would like to have that at all.


You can try Aftership or other all tracking sites. I had a package (shipped by a different vendor) sit in Dubai(sp?) For a month & a half! After shipping out from China.


Hey all,

I ordered back on January 10th and still haven’t received my headset. I did request to be switched from 8k to 5k+ and they informed me at the time of the shipping, they’ll credit me the difference and give me the new headset.

I haven’t anything since and I am wondering if anyone has placed a pre-order from Jan 10th or afterwards and already received their headset?

I am from Toronto Canada.



Hi @mozi,

Can you give me the status on my order P122789, please? Something went wrong the first time and I was promised my order was pushed forward since I originally ordered in November.

Thanks in advance!


at least yours did update. Mine is still at “Shipped out from factory”