Whats up with the preorders?



My order left Shanghai for Hong Kong 16 Days ago, WTF??? still hasn’t arrived. I’ve been to China, they don’t use ox carts on dirt tracks anymore. ( it might have all ready arrived if they did ). What excuse now?


Don’t want to kill your hopes but I placed my pre-order Nov 2018 and still havn’t received any headset. Although I ordered the 5K+ BE (OLED)


P124502 order apr.07 still “order confirmed” status :slight_smile: just hope to ship HMD this year :smiley: I knew it wouldn’t be fast :slight_smile: despite the delays it is still a good product.


These delays in the delivery are worrying me quite a bit. I Ordered a 5K+ and controllers and base station in March 15, order #P124… a couple of weeks later HP Reverd and Valve Index are announced. I am wondering if I jumped the gun and should have waited a bit more before commiting to Pimax. By what I am reading it will be a long wait until I receive my headset not to mention the controllers and the base stations. I will wait to see what the Reverb and Index bring and their delivery dates, if it is sooner than Pimax I will definitly cancel the order.


Reverb, Cosmos, and any others will not have even close FOV to Pimax. FOV is a game changer for me. I have Oculus CV1 now, and happy with it except small FOV. So no alternative yet. I dont know why, but Oculus, Vive, and other just clone 110 degrees crap again and again. I will not buy ANY HMD with less than 150 FOV


I am truly looking forward to the the specs of the Index, I have the oculus CV1 and I am kind of used to the narrow/standard fov, but it’s true that I’ve never experienced a wide fov such as the one pimax offers, I actually belive that that is game changer and once you try it you will not want to go back. But all the complaints I’ve been reading about cracking headsets, broken cables, audio ports not working, very low quality headstrap among others are making me worried about my choice.


pre ordered my 8k in october the same day pre orders opened and still haven’t received it :slight_smile:


That scares the heck out of me… October… Dammm


Some ppl already have it, who order much later. its weird… Looks like they ship random orders :slight_smile: Not by order date.


I ordered around March 20th and my status is still ordered received… Really! after 3 week still not order comfirmed or in production?!!


some people receive packages without any notices :slight_smile: So dont worry about status. Just hope Pimax fix their tech problems, and fix status then :slight_smile: I’m glad PIMAX gonna so popular, but they wasnt ready for so much orders :smiley:


3 weeks it’s pretty soon, i preordered 4 months ago i will get it in few days but i’m european i think if you are us it’s will be quicker for example, they send my headset with one month delay than expected so maybe in one month


A miracle has happened. I should get the headset next tuesday via DPD… It’s just out of GB now on the way to germany.

“Shipped out from Shanghai” is always the state of my order in “https://pimaxvr.com/pages/check-your-order-Status” - LOL


How do you know it’s next tuesday? a tracking number ?


Yes of Course… I’ve got a tracking number (some days ago via email). And with the yesterday evening the tracking is going alive now!


When did you order? It was Germany right? Thougt i read it in an earlier post.


I ordered at 27th october 2018. But because I never added my telefone number to my order or to the pimax account data at the time of ordering, my order state was ‘not fulfilled’ all the time. First pre-orderers got their headsets after the bakers around begin of march or end of february, I think. Now one and a half month later, I’ll get my headset…


Got my tracking number this morning.


Got my tracking number this morning.
Love dpd with their chat talking to a bot,
that cannot give proper answers.
and cannot change the time of delivery.


Yeah support bots are crap. Remember Krysty pimax? :rofl: